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Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day to everyone — except those responsible for the brawl at the parade on Saturday, March 14, near Armory Square.

We hope the perpetrators can be brought to justice using the videos that are circulating on the Internet. It will be a sad day for Syracuse if this behavior becomes the norm and families no longer want to come downtown to enjoy our city and all it offers.

On a happier note, this week we are launching our hip-hop coverage with Emad Rahim looking at this musical genre and its history in Syracuse. Look for him to provide more coverage in the future as we expand and diversify our music stories.

We’ll be sending out a readers’ survey in the near future to ask for your help in identifying the sections of the paper you most like to read, and to solicit input on ideas for new material and subjects you would like to see us cover. It will be available via our website, but we are interested in readers of both the print and digital editions to give us feedback.

Sincere condolences to our photographer Michael Davis, who lost his mother, Rose, last week at age 92.  We all appreciate him so much and admire his passion for the job he does. He is a terrific team member and we all feel for him. You can email your condolences to [email protected]

billWilliam Brod is the publisher of the Syracuse New Times.

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