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What is a Young Professional?

Woman Times blogger Christina Hodges defines ‘Young Professional’

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What is a Young Professional?

By the definition of a young professional from Wikipedia; “The term young professional generally refers to a young person not in school who is employed in a profession or white-collar occupation. The meaning may be ambiguous[1] and has evolved from its original narrow meaning of a young person in a professional field.[2] Although derivative of the term ‘yuppie’, it has grown into its own set of meanings.” My definition of a young professional is someone who is of any age, but uses young, fresh, cutting edge skills or technologies in their occupational field.

I consider myself a young professional; I won’t state my age, but lets just say it isn‘t considered “young” by today’s youth!

Young-Professionals-black-and-whiteI’ve been in the marketing field for 13 years, I have worked at local radio stations, an advertising agency, print media, and now my own marketing firm. The one lesson in marketing that stands out the most is that marketing is constantly evolving because it’s always trying to keep up with the lifestyles of today’s people. It’s finding ways to get in front of the client’s targeted market and being exactly where they are. I absolutely love the field of marketing because it’s never dull. It’s knowing all the different forms of social media as well as the “old fashion” traditional media. It’s standing on the street corner twirling a cardboard sign in the snow and rain to get people to eat your pizza, or making your audience laugh, cry or feel ultra-American to get their attention to your products. Possibilities are endless when it comes to having marketing ideas and it’s always so much fun!

I hope to pass some of my wisdom onto the new young professionals in the marketing field, teaching from the successes as well as from the mistakes that I have made along the way.

Each month, my blog goal is to interview women in our local community whom I feel are “Young Professionals” and use forward thinking when it comes to their occupation to keep themselves ahead of the curve and fresh in peoples minds. Not just in marketing; business owners, hair stylists, doctors, lawyers, women in the entertainment industry. I feel we will be pleasantly surprised of the incredible talent we have in this community. I know I’m looking forward to it myself!

Christina[1]Christina Hodges is co-owner of CuttingEdge Marketing, a wife and mother of five.

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