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What Are Your Thoughts About Alien Visitors?

Columnist Cheryl Costa polls friends to get their take about alien visitors.

With all the talk of Hillary Clinton, UFOs and disclosure in the media, the topic came up: What are your thoughts about alien visitors? So I asked my Facebook friends to tell me how they would feel if the president did a nationwide address and said, “We’ve been having official contact with space faring races for some time.”

First off, this wasn’t a scientific poll by any means, it was just a casual query of about three dozen friends. I asked the question: What would your short and long-term term reactions be?

The short-term reaction was surprising to me. At least 66 percent said that they wouldn’t be surprised or shocked at all, many stating that it’s about time. The other 34 percent were split between 24 percent who said they’d be upset with the government for sitting on the truth for so long. The remaining 10 percent said they’d be afraid.

In regard to the second question about my friends’ long term reactions, the response was a resounding 63 percent who questioned what the Alien Agenda would be. Six percent were concerned about being eaten or annihilated. Fifteen percent said that we, as a human society, aren’t ready for contact with other-worldly races. The last 16 percent were interested in what we could learn from the alien visitors in terms of what kind of technology can we acquire.

The reactions were consistent percentage wise with national poll data on the topic of belief in aliens visiting our world. I think the feedback that was most startling was the high percentage of concern for the agenda of a technologically-superior race. As one respondent told me off line, “Think of how the Europeans treated the Native Americans.”

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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