New York Skies (Cheryl Costa)

The East Meadow Flying Saucer

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares a UFO account from 51 years ago.

“It was a lazy Saturday afternoon in 1965 when we saw the flying saucer,” Craig told us.

It all happened in East Meadows, located in Nassau County on Long Island. Craig was 16 at the time while hanging out with his older brother Jay and a buddy Mike. Looking for something to do, they decided to borrow his dad’s car and took a short drive over to Mike’s house.

Upon entering the driveway, Jay glanced outside of his dad’s 1964 Pontiac LeMans and remarked, “Oh my God, a flying saucer!”

The three young men, now outside of the car, were mesmerized by what they saw: A flying saucer hovering over Mike’s back yard at about 70-100 feet above the ground.

“It was a very clear day with the sun shining and there it was, crystal clear, a flying saucer just hovering, right in front of us.” Craig explained.

Craig said there was plenty of excitement and shouting for Mike’s mother and sister to come out to see this hovering marvel. In 1965, not many people had air conditioners, so with local windows open and the teenagers shouting, two dozen of the neighbors came outside and caught sight of the flying saucer and stood in amazement. It was Jay who had the good sense to shout for somebody to get a camera. Mike’s sister retrieved one from the house, but it was found to be without film.

Fifty-one years later, Craig tells us that it’s as clear to him now as it was then. He described the craft as being silver in color, about 60 feet in diameter, while the saucer shape was equal on the top and the bottom. He further mentioned that there was a black band around the middle where the two halves of the saucer met, which looked like tinted glass going around the middle.

During the sighting incident, Mike’s mother went in the house and called the local police department. After she told them what they were watching, the police told her it was probably just a college prank and refused to take a report or visit the scene.

“Just before it started to leave, it began to spin slowly and then started to move west toward New York City,” Craig said.

He said that it gradually went faster without making a sound, until it was a tiny speck and disappeared. Neither he nor his brother, Jay, have ever forgotten the East Meadow flying saucer.

Let’s look at some recent UFO sightings in New York Skies:

May 31, 2016: At midnight, a resident of North Tonawanda witnessed an object that glowed bright blue, then faded in and out, eventually changing to yellow-orange.

June 4, 2016: At 5:20 p.m., a New York City resident observed two bright balls of light that seemed to fly fast, then stop on a dime and start darting around. He watched the activity until both objects disappeared.

June 6, 2016: At 2:30 a.m., a resident of Buffalo reported a bright, spherical object flying in the northern sky.

June 8, 2016: At 11 p.m., a resident of Flanders reported observing a bright, round light moving at great speed toward the Southeast.

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