Tech Roundup

Just imagine what people were feeling when the light bulb was invented!

Clean Water

ocean floating garbage pickerA new ocean-cleaning floating garbage picker has been designed to make our world’s waters just a little cleaner and safer for wildlife. A prototype of the device has been built and is located near Easter Island, one of the hubs for plastic in the Pacific Ocean. Plastic – used for an average of 5 minutes before being discarded takes over 500 years to biodegrade and is often found wandering in open water.

Closer to home, Honeywell, teaming up with other organizations and government groups, continues to clean up Onondaga Lake. In a recent Social Media Breakfast Summer Meetup at the Visitors Center, Craig Milburn proclaimed “It’s not our parents’ lake.” inciting hope that one day the local notorious water body would again be a source of life and local activity.

3D Printed Ice Cream?

3d ice creamIn addition to other food being produced via 3D printing – the next generation of commercial and household tech, 3 MIT students have apparently successful created ice cream via the machine. One assumes the “pre-matter” is in some way edible as well, making it something of “space food” technology. The applications however are very interesting, making Back To The Future-like food (the 5 second pizza) strangely closer to reality.

Would you eat it?

“If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you a little bit – stranger.” – The Joker, Dark Knight

Dawn of Justice Teasers

gammasquadbatsuitaffleck1(“Of course this is tech! Watch the movie.”)

Last week a new Ben Affleck short-eared Batman photo was revealed along with the first photo of Wonder Woman wielding a sword, as well as Comic Con footage of the highly anticipated DoJ film.

The teaser to the teaser reveals Batfleck turning on the Bat-signal. Superman flies into the light, his eyes red. Batman’s are also glowing and the two face off. The moral of the story? Don’t sit in front of the microwave for so long.

And Benedict Cumberbatch could one day play Batman? Stranger things have happened. He totally nails Sherlock.

The Caped Crusader celebrated his 75th birthday last week: just three years older than Harrison Ford.

Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi

A new artwork titled after the famous Star Wars tech may be the first 3D video that is about to change the world as we know it from advertising to entertainment. Though details of how this is done have to remain a mystery as the patent is being worked out, the image is apparently 3 dimensional from all views and opens up a whole new world of cinematic, advertising, and eerie prank possibilities. Expect crazy-scary Halloweens in the near future.

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