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2015 salt awards

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The 2015 SALT Awards is sponsored by Realty USA.

See the 2014 SALT Award recipients, photos and more – HERE

The SALT Award (Syracuse Area Live Theater) program recognizes exemplary and outstanding performances in Professional and Non-Professional theater in Central New York.

There are 21 SALT Academy members from various community backgrounds who serve a total of two years on the Academy. Each year, 10 Academy members step down, and are replaced by 10 new Academy members through an application process. This creates a rotating Academy from year to year.

Nomination Process:

Each individual Academy member has a weight of up to five points per category (Musical of the Year, Leading Actress, Supporting Actor, etc), on a 1 – 5 scale (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest), per production attended.

As the Academy members see a production, they nominate on the above scale, individually.

At the end of the season, the nomination scores for each category are tallied to reveal the top five nominees in each category.

Voting Process:

The top 5 nominees are presented to the Academy, whereupon they make one individual selection in each category. These votes are tallied to discover the SALT recipients of that season, which are then presented at the annual SALT Award Ceremony.

2015 SALT Academy Members

Chuck Teska, Justin Polly, Greg Lewis, Scott Milner, Ashley White, Peter Enamorato, Brick Bergman, Sally O’Herin, Marcia Mele, Jimmy Curtin, John LaCasse, Barbara Bova, Anne Fitzgerald, Liz Russell, Pat Russell, Korrie Taylor, Pat Marzola, Mark Re and Tobi Scheck.

To apply to become a SALT academy member, click here, and email your form to Liam Fitzpatrick.

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