SALT Academy Applications & Awards Process

The Syracuse New Times has been presenting the Syracuse Area Live Theater (SALT) Awards for over a decade, using the showcase to highlight and award the best of the best in the local drama scene. The program recognizes exemplary and outstanding performances in professional and non-professional theater, with honors for more than 25 categories.

Each member of the SALT Academy is committed to seeing at least 24 shows over the course of a season (running from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of the next year). When an Academy member attends a production, they rate the show on a 1-10 scale per category. The points are tallied by an accounting firm at the end of show season revealing the Top 5 nominees. The Top 5 are then voted on by Academy members, with the winners announced at the annual SALT Awards Ceremony.

Two people stand on a stage in formal attire looking out to a full crowd at a previous SALT Awards Ceremony. The SALT Academy sees 24 shows a year and votes for the best in more than 25 categories.

Accepting awards at the 2014 SALT Awards. (Michael Davis/Syracuse New Times)

Academy members serve terms of two years. Each year,  half of the Academy members step down and are replaced with new ones, creating a rotating Academy from year-to-year to prevent bias and to allow new perspectives to evaluate the show pieces.

The Academy is always looking for new applicants. If you have a love of stage and live theater, and think you have the eye to be a judge, we invite you to apply. Just download and save the application (link is below), fill it in, save it and Email it to [email protected].

Download the SALT Academy Application

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