New York Skies (Cheryl Costa)

New York Skies: The UFOs of Summer

How hot are UFO’s?

Anyone who lives in New York knows our winters tend to be a bit harsh. Naturally, the number of UFO sighting reports drops, because there just aren’t that many people outside enjoying the night sky.

January and February this year each had eight sighting reports. March had 12, and April had 15. As the ads for the Beers of Summer started appearing in May and June, so, too, UFO sightings began trending upwards, consistent with warmer evenings and people out and about. There were 20 reports in May, 21 in June, 27 in July and 32 in August through the 26th.

Let’s review some highlights of what our New York neighbors have been seeing this summer.

  • 8 June: In Farmingdale, Long Island, several motorists pulled off the Northern State Parkway and watched in awe as 10 or more yellowish lights flew southward. What amazed them was that some of the lights broke off from the formation, while others seemed to join up and combine.
  • 10 June: In Jamestown, a husband seeing his wife off to work saw what appeared to be a flaming ball of light coming towards them. As the silent, bullet shaped object passed them, it curved off to the north east and out of sight.
  • 15 June: Several motorists pulled off of County Line road near Rochester and took cellphone pictures of about 12 balls of orange light moving eastward towards Ontario County.
  • 19 June: Three bright red orbs were seen at tree-top height in Frewsburg. On the same evening in Baiting Hollow, Long Island, kids at a senior prom observed a bright red object moving at great speed before disappearing.
  • 3 July: Two people in Brewerton saw a bright red sphere slowly moving across the sky. When one of them tried to photograph it with a cell phone, the phone stopped working.
  • 6 July: Several motorists driving in the Hudson valley toward New York City saw a night sky suddenly becoming illuminated with more than 25 bright lights of different colors. Several of the lights began omitting very bright light beams that sequentially flashed miles across the night sky.
  • 27 July: In Hamburg, five adults enjoying a campfire reported seeing a huge glowing cylinder moving east to west against the wind. It stopped, seemed to hover for a few minutes, then changed direction and moved northward and out of sight.
  • 10 August: In Ithaca, an observer reported what was described as an arrow shaped pattern of lights. The triangular pattern “drifted silently” and seemed to blot out the stars.
  • 16 August: In Brooklyn, there were reports of bright lights in groups of three flying in formation. There were calls to the 911 services, and many people were trying to take photos of them. One of the reports stated that the objects were triangular with three lights on the bottom.
  • 19 August: In Watervliet, a resident enjoying a summer evening on the porch saw a triangular light pattern moving across the sky. The witness reported that the lights were blinking in a Morse-code-like pattern. The craft hovered for a while then ascended northward at great speed and disappeared.

If you have a UFO sighting story to tell I’d love to hear the when, where and what.  Email it to [email protected]. The names of witnesses will be omitted to protect their privacy.


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