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History Test: 1904-era building stands in the way of proposed North Side redevelopment




  1. Marlene Challis

    May 30, 2019 at 11:13 am

    PLEASE DONT TEAR IT DOWN , BUILD AROUND IT ..INCORPORATE IT, SOME HOW SOME WAY… TO MANY OF OUR BUILDINGS HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN BECAUSE OF DETERIORATION, NEGLEC, OR FIRES OR WEATHER DAMAGE…OR JUST PLAIN CORPORATE GREED…..I GO WITH GREED!!!!!… I have seem many other places that have done everything they can to preserve as many old structures as they can, WHY CANT WE!!… I have seen a lot of structures in Syracuse then need to be taken down because of neglect, unsafe to live, drug houses, etc but, you let them linger for years with out a bat of a EYE and this situation arises and you want to take it down just like that, where was that enthusiastic motivation all these years ago???…I will say again it all about the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR! GREED!!! shameful and sad!…
    If there is a petition I WILL SIGN IT AND HELP AGUIRE SIGNATURES !!
    too help save the BEAUTIFUL BUILDING..! J.M.O. and plus 5,000 more…
    Sincerely M.Challis

  2. Donna

    March 27, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    Oh, my, gosh, will people in Syracuse please get a clue. Clinging to the past by preserving buildings that were far from what anyone would consider architecturally significant, even in their day, only contributes to a city in decay. Anyone willing to make an investment in Syracuse to modernize and energize the city should be supported in every way possible.

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