Fresh Music Friday: Big Ups

Fresh Music Friday

Fresh Music Friday: Listen to Big Ups.

Straight out of the Brooklyn DIY scene, Big Ups is a four-piece post-punk band with soft edges of hardcore. While punk music used to be a rule breaking, in your face genre, “post punk” seems addled with self reflection, mirror gazing, and pointedly anti-commerical messages that seem all too commercial. Big Ups lives up to this new-ish style with a flourish.

Imagine attending a live music show in a warehouse, a house party in a rental property, or some backyard barbecue where the garage serves as the stage and you’d find something like Big Ups headlining the show. Pretty boys that take their music seriously, or so it seems.

*NOTE: The Fresh Music Friday Live Series is coming to Central New York this Fall – CLICK HERE for more info and lineup!

Listen to “National Parks” from the album, Before a Million Universes:

For more Big Ups:




Fresh Music Friday is a weekly column designed to widen your musical horizons, and to give you a taste of different artists and musical styles to explore. While some of the artists featured here may not be “new,” they promise to freshen your catalog of music.

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