Filming for a Cause: Blue Chips and Hoosiers Screening at The Palace

Syracuse International Film

Proceeds will benefit the City of Syracuse youth basketball league

Central New York fans from around the globe may be disappointed by the recent developments regarding Syracuse University men’s basketball. Although Syracuse and Duke are not playing each other, The Palace Theatre will still be showing some hoops on the big screen.

Syracuse Film Festival (SyrFilm) is presenting a double feature at the 2384 James Street location, and proceeds will benefit the City of Syracuse youth basketball league.

“We planned this months ago, targeting the NCAA tournament taking place in Syracuse, and unfortunately we did not know that our boys would not be in the tournament. People are going to be in town. Let’s give them something to do,” said Mike Massurin, Executive Director of the SyrFilm.

It’s a double feature. Blue Chips will be shown in digital format. Hoosiers will be shown in 35mm format. It’s something that the “brains” behind Regal Cinemas laugh at, but they nervously shudder about it in their private quarters.

The double feature will provide funds to the City of Syracuse Parks Department, specifically directed towards the summer youth basketball program.

Watch the Hoosiers trailer below:

I was three years old when Hoosiers hit the big screen, so I didn’t appreciate the movie until years later. However, Blue Chips debuted when the National Basketball Association meant more than anything else to me. My brother — an Orlando Magic fan — was happier than anyone on the planet to see that Shaquille O’Neal and “Penny” Hardaway were in a movie with that blonde guy (Nick Nolte) from our parents’ movies: The Prince of Tides and 48 Hours.

“Hopefully, this event will encourage the kids to participate in good, healthy activities,” Massurin said. He also added that we’ll still get to see Jimmy B. on the big screen during the NCAA Tournament despite his not being a part of it.

All children 12 and under get in free.

The night of the double feature will come with a surprise, stated Massurin – the announcement of a major basketball film being shot in Syracuse. The details have not been given, but it’s going to be a doozy. Keep your ears and eyes peeled.

“The film commissioner (Eric Vinal) and I have been talking,” Massurin said. “It’s going to happen. We’re hoping to get people involved as extras.”

Original Brew & View: Blue Chips & Hoosiers
The Palace Theater, 2384 James Street
Saturday, March 28
Doors: 6:00 p.m.
Cost: $10 per person (to benefit the City of Syracuse Youth Basketball League)
Children 12 and under: Free

Getting Social with Film

Last month, I had the privilege to moderate a panel at the monthly Social Media Breakfast Syracuse (SMB) event. Instead of breakfast time, the gathering was held in the evening. The Palace Theatre graciously and fittingly hosted the event. Fellow SNT writer, Joe Cunningham, took the reigns of setting up the event.


(L to R): Jeff Meyer, Owen Shapiro and James Domroe were panelists at the monthly Social Media Breakfast Syracuse.

The panel was comprised of: James Domroe, Jeff Meyer, and Owen Shapiro. Two of the familiar Syracuse names, Meyer and Shapiro, are involved extensively with film and the Syracuse International Film Festival. Shapiro has the most lengthy resume of the group and Meyer is actively involved with presenting the Brew and View film series. These two favor the authenticity of film reels, but Domroe focuses digitally. The young filmmaker has been standing out in the Central New York working in the digital format. Although his format preference may be different from the others, he clearly admires the art and impact of making a film.

During the SMB, it was clear that the three panelists and those in attendance felt very passionate about our region. Although Adult World was the largest success in the Syracuse film industry, it is clear that CNY is very filmable. It’s gorgeous. We have urban nooks that look like they belong in huge, major cities. We have rural and suburban areas that are also beautiful.

I could have chatted with the fellas and asked them the rest of the questions on my list, but we would have exceeded the hour-long time limit – and that’s what I find so intriguing.


The International Film Festival Spring Fest will be taking place at the end of April. The kickoff is on April 24, featuring Cynthia Slavens. She is Director of Post-production & Marketing with Pixar. The talk will be taking place at The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology and will be a very family-friendly event.

“This is our second year, and the festival supports local film makers,” stated Massurin. The event will give the participants an opportunity to showcase their films and talk to an audience. So far, 35-40 films have been submitted, but a half dozen will be chosen, according to the Executive Director.

“This is all about local. This is why we started Spring Fest. We’re all in this together. We live here, we work here. We’re making our town look great.”




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