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Field Report: Wednesday at IUFOC 2015

Cheryl Costa interviews some vendors at the IUFOC 2015

New Times UFO writer Cheryl Costa (New York Skies) is corresponding from the International UFO Congress in Arizona. Follow daily updates HERE through Feb. 22.

I was up before dawn and watched the golden sun peek over the desert expanse. Marvelous!

We’re at the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) 2015.

We ate our breakfast omelets in our suite. Coffee, lots of high octane coffee. While I slept well, I barely got six hours’ worth because of our late night arrival.
Last night on the shuttle from the Phoenix airport to the We-Ko-Pa resort in Fort McDowell, AZ, I had a fantastic conversation with the chief MUFON UFO investigator for Virginia, Ben Moss. He’s a significant expert on UFO’s and a serious, hands on sighting investigator. He’s been a frequent guest on the television program “Hanger One.” Needless to say, we drove a conversation that got the attention of the non-ufo oriented riders heading home after long business travel.

New York Skies

Cheryl Costa presenting ‘200 Years of UFO’s in New York’ at the IUFOC
Photo: Ryan Sprague

My presentation at 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday was a smash success, at least that’s what the fans are telling us.

What surprised me were the number of media correspondents covering IUFOC 2015 that took a serious interest in what I had to say about the UFO sightings in New York State. None of them were expecting what NEW YORK SKIES readers get frequently: data in the form of charts and graphs, and stories from regular, everyday folks.

After my talk I spent a considerable time answering questions in the conference lobby.

In the afternoon I did a couple of vendor interviews. In the following video, I speak with sculptor Alan Groves about his unique profession.


Following my conversation with Alan Groves, I went over to speak with artist Cynthia T. Crawford (Dyan) – a human/extraterrestrial hybrid.


In the evening, what I wasn’t expecting was the celebrity treatment at the conference cocktail party. I guess I did a really good job during my presentation, judging from the over the top amount of people who sought me out to thank me. What a Day!

With the pressure off my shoulders, Thursday I’ll concentrate on video interviews with some of the notable speakers.

Check in daily for more news from the IUFOC 2015!

New York Skies

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