Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month: Robin Turk

Meet January’s employee of the month: Robin Turk.

Robin Turk. Michael Davis photo

Robin Turk, Employee of the Month for January, has been at the company for just over a year but has already had a chance to make a big impact. She was hired as a graphic designer for the quarterly trade journal Welding & Gases Today in December 2015, and in October she was promoted to creative services manager for the four All Times companies, which also include the Syracuse New Times, Family Times and Spinnaker Custom Products.

Robin has an associate’s degree in website design and management from Mohawk Valley Community College and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and communication from SUNY Empire State College.

Like all Employees of the Month, Rob- in was nominated by her coworkers, who praised her success in bringing together all the company’s graphic designers to work as a team; her commitment to excellence in design; and her ability to handle interruptions without difficulty. One coworker summed up Robin by saying she “has a low-key manner that sometimes camouflages her enthusiasm for great design. She has a willingness to listen to others’ suggestions, focuses on issues and leaves people feeling listened to and appreciated.”


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