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Contacting Extraterrestrials: The Method

Columnist Cheryl Costa explains the method of contacting extraterrestrials with the mind.

In last week’s post, we discussed the idea of contacting extraterrestrials with the mind using our immortal consciousness.

The method for contacting extraterrestrials is called the close encounter-5 protocol, or CE-5. In a formal sense, CE-5 is defined as human-initiated, bilateral communication with extraterrestrials. Since CE-5 is a consciousness-based technique, people can use thought, meditation, visualization, prayer, ritual and even remote viewing to accomplish the connection.

As I stated in the previous article, I used to be a Buddhist monastic, and I have taught basic meditation techniques to many people. While mediation isn’t generally hard to learn, it’s not without its own learning curve and respective challenges. In other words, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

The three biggest challenges for Westerners are being alone with one’s own thoughts, being willing to shut out distractions, and expecting to master the meditation process with only a few attempts. Another consideration is that many younger Westerners these days refuse to turn off their cell phones. I used to tell my students you can’t master this with your cell phone ringing every few minutes.

Meditation requires a commitment to learning, to quiet the mind and shut oneself off from all forms of distractions. Lastly, you don’t have to become a Buddhist to learn meditation. Just read a short essay on the basic techniques and practice a few minutes every day. With a commitment to short daily practice, in time, the length of your meditative sessions will grow in length. You don’t have to be an accomplished master at meditation to work with CE-5, but the quieter you are, the better chance you’ll have with positive results.

Let’s move on to the step-by-step CE-5 process:

  1. The first, and most important, CE-5 process can be performed anytime or anywhere that is convenient, quiet, comfortable and, above all, a place safe for you. This can be an individual effort or a team effort.
  2. If you decide to host a CE-5 team session, it’s important to invite people you believe are like-minded, respectful and whole-hearted about this effort to contact the extraterrestrials. Any fear, hostility, skepticism or flat-out close-mindedness is a recipe for failure. So pick your team mates carefully. CE-5 works best when there is a strong mood of love, joy and openness to the experience. It’s been said that the extraterrestrials sense the honorable intentions of your personal or team’s effort. My lama used to tell us regularly, “Positive intentions are everything!” Remember you are making a joyous and sincere invitation!
  3. In a team CE-5 effort, it’s important to project a sense of collective joyous love like a beacon to our friends from the stars. To quote a Neal Diamond song, “Turn on your heart light!”
  4. If there is a coordinated regional, national or global CE-5 event, it’s equally important to visualize a heart-to-heart link up with other CE-5 teams making the same effort elsewhere. This united team effort helps guide or vector the extraterrestrials to your location.
  5. It’s important to keep in mind that CE-5 contact can come in a variety of forms. There could be a sighting of an extraterrestrial craft. Contact can and does come in the form of lucid dream-like imagery; also in telepathic messages or a sense of knowingness. Unusual electric phenomena with communications equipment and many other things have been observed and reported. I’ve been told that extraterrestrials are creative and even playful in how they communicate.

The communication method the extraterrestrials use tends to take into account the safety of yourself, your team and the extraterrestrials themselves. In recent months more than 600 teams in more than 34 countries joined together to make CE-5 contact! In addition, there is a global CE-5 contact event scheduled for Saturday, June 8.

Always keep in mind that peaceful intentions towards your CE-5 contact effort is critically important. Lastly, remember to be joyous, positive and inviting. In a word have fun with it!

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