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Blog | UFO disclosure numbers tell a story

So this guy comes up to me and says, “Hey, Costa! You’ve got no PROOF of real alien craft coming here.”

I told him I have 147,801 eyewitness accounts. “So what!” he replies. “Some percentage is bogus.”

“OK, let’s take 25% right off the top,” I proposed.

“Nope!” He says, “So much more is bogus.”

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I thought about what he said and then offered, “Dr. Jacques Vallee says roughly 80% is noise. Cheryl and Linda Costa suggest 70% is noise. Is a 70% cut in the numbers good enough?” The young man indicated that it was satisfactory.

Then I explained that the remaining 30% totaled some 44,040 sighting reports. Spread over 18 years, that equals about 2,447 per year. The 2,447 spread over 12 months equals about 204 exotic non-terrestrial events per month across the United States.

Suppose we take that 204 per month and divide it equally across all 50 states? Our result suggests that each state in the union averages about 4.08 exotic non-terrestrial events per month. Statistically speaking, each state probably experiences about one exotic non-terrestrial event per week over the past 18 years. The young man stood there speechless and wide-eyed!

Which sighting reports of the 146,801 are those once-per-week exotic events? I certainly cannot tell you. That’s up to trained field investigators and their analysis to tell you, so it’s not my area of expertise.

But numbers tell a story, and these numbers are eye-opening and enlightening. Consider this essay your personal UFO/ET Disclosure Briefing! Welcome to A.D. (After Disclosure)!

I realize for some of you that numbers aren’t enough. I truly do understand. Some of you need a high-ranking government official to hold a press conference and tell you that it’s real. Others seem to need a Khausian Joka Class scout ship cracked up in the mall parking lot or a dead, bleeding alien on the pavement for your proof.

If that’s the case, I’m afraid that you’ll have to ask someone else. I only deal with statistical numbers.

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On the Road in 2019

  • Pine Bush UFO Festival. Pine Bush, New York, May 18
  • Houston MUFON (via Skype). Houston, Texas, June 1
  • Patchogue-Medford Library (via Skype). Patchogue, New York, June 11
  • Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville. 5110 Jamesville Road, Jamesville, July 22
  • MUFON 2019 Symposium. Irving, California, July 26-28
  • Liverpool Public Library. 310 Tulip St., Liverpool, Aug. 8
  • Michigan UFO Con-Tact, Houghton Lake, Michigan, Sept. 20-21
  • Greater New England UFO Conference, Leominster, Massachusetts, Oct. 4-5
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