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Best of Syracuse 2018: Voting Starts Now!

The Syracuse New Times inaugurated its Best of Syracuse poll in 1997, asking readers to select their favorites in a wide range of categories. For the 22nd annual event, we’re again asking readers to choose from more than 100 categories covering food, arts, media, services and more.

Make no mistake that area businesses are highly pleased whenever they are named the Best of Syracuse. The awards are presented with pride for everyone to see; check out the awards wall as you dine at Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse, Old Liverpool Road, or while ordering a hot fudge sundae at Gannon’s Isle, 1525 Valley Drive.

There’s plenty to admire about our neck of the woods, and the Best of Syracuse poll offers readers a chance to salute their favorites. So put your best foot forward and help us select the best of Central New York’s bounty.

The surveys are broken up by theme for easier navigation. Click on the theme name to see the finalists and submit your votes. You do not have to submit a vote for every category. Make sure you share this article using #BestofSyracuse to spread the word!

Arts, Music & Entertainment

  • Best Community Theater
  • Best Movie Theater
  • Best Drive-In
  • Best Ethnic Festival
  • Best Food Festival
  • Best Band
  • Best Female Vocalist
  • Best Male Vocalist
  • Best Music Festival
  • Best Radio Station
  • Best Museum
  • Best Dance Program
  • Best Piercing/Tattoo Parlor

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Specialty Foods & Best Spots

  • Best Mexican Restaurant
  • Best Polish Restaurant
  • Best Asian/Hibachi Restaurant
  • Best Middle Eastern Restaurant
  • Best Indian Restaurant
  • Best Thai Restaurant
  • Best Italian Restaurant
  • Best Veggie/Vegan Restaurant
  • Best Locally Created Food
  • Best Bakery
  • Best Steakhouse
  • Best Breakfast Spot
  • Best Sunday Brunch
  • Best Place for Lunch
  • Best Food Truck/Food Stand
  • Best Sandwich
  • Best New Restaurant
  • Best Local Caterer

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  • Best Burger
  • Best BBQ
  • Best Fish Fry/Seafood
  • Best Wings
  • Best Hot Dogs
  • Best Pizza
  • Best Sushi
  • Best Birthday Cake
  • Best Cupcakes
  • Best Doughnuts
  • Best Frozen Treats
  • Best Bagel
  • Best Local Coffee

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Booze, Bars & Wine

  • Best Hard Cider
  • Best Brewery
  • Best Beer Selection
  • Best Winery
  • Best Liquor Store
  • Best Bar
  • Best Late-Night Munchies
  • Best Happy Hour
  • Best Dive Bar
  • Best Sports Bar
  • Best Karaoke Venue
  • Best LGBT Bar
  • Best Dance Club

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Love & Romance

  • Best Date Night Location
  • Best Adult Club
  • Best Wedding Venue
  • Best Jeweler
  • Best Florist
  • Best Hotel

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Beauty & Pampering

  • Best Hair Salon
  • Best Barbershop
  • Best Spa
  • Best Massage

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Local Personalities

  • Best Local Reporter
  • Best Radio Personality
  • Best TV Personality
  • Best Weatherperson
  • Best Local Chef
  • Best Local Artist
  • Best Local Ambassador

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Health & Wellness

  • Best Family Doctor
  • Best Health Store
  • Best Hospital
  • Best Pediatrician Group
  • Best Dentist
  • Best Organized Walk/Run
  • Best Health Club
  • Best Yoga

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Sports & Recreation

  • Best Sports Venue
  • Best Gymnastics
  • Best Outdoor Trails
  • Best Golf Course
  • Best Place to Ski
  • Best Place to Bike
  • Best Place to Ice Skate
  • Best Bowling Alley

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  • Best Haunted Attraction
  • Best Pumpkin Patch
  • Best Apple Picking
  • Best Amusement or Water Park
  • Best Go-Karts
  • Best Preschool
  • Best After School Program
  • Best CNY Playground
  • Best Park
  • Best Library
  • Best Family Restaurant

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Animal Lovers

  • Best Pet Daycare/Boarding
  • Best Vet
  • Best Animal/Pet Rescue
  • Best Animal Whisperer

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Professional & Civic Services

  • Best Realtor
  • Best Attorney
  • Best Not-for-Profit
  • Best Car Dealership
  • Best Auto Repair Shop
  • Best Psychic/Medium

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