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2013 UFO – The Schenectady Orb Event

I can’t let 2013 close without sharing this story. The Schenectady Orb Event occurred in Schenectady County back in early February.

I have mentioned this event to representatives of no less than four mainstream news organizations over this past year. In one case, an editor and a reporter both said, “Wow … Really?” But nothing was ever written about it, nor was there any follow up with me about the details. A third professional, a radio news director, simply yawned, suggesting to me she had an acute case of indifference. A fourth reporter thought what I said was just plain silly and unbelievable.

At the time, I was still pitching this blog-column and was searching for a publication to call home. I wrote a draft story for eventual use in this column and set it aside. Over the months since then, I have monitored UFO report data to see if there was a pattern. I recently did a Google search to see if any mainstream news organization reported the event, and my results turned up an astounding absence of reporting. Of course, the case showed up in a few UFO reporting sites but nothing more. Here at New York Skies, we feel you should know about such things, and it’s my pleasure to share with you MUFON Case: 45622.

8 Feb 2013 at about 6 p.m., a Rotterdam resident was driving on State Route 7 towards Schenectady when he observed three blue, glowing orbs flying in a triangle formation over the local industrial park.  The three blue orbs moved towards each other and seemed to merge, becoming a single bright red “super orb” that hovered over the road.

The observer reports that other motorists pulled off the road and got out of their vehicles, stared at the orb in disbelief and then scrambled for their camera phones. 

What happened next is mind boggling: The red super orb descending to about 10 feet above the ground, right over the spectators and hovered so close they could almost touch it. The orb loitered there for a good long while.The perplexing thing: When the super orb descended low to the ground, the car engines began running roughly, then quit, along with the car radios. As the spectators attempted to take cell phone pictures, fully charged phone batteries failed.

When the super red orb left, it split back into three blue orbs and they flew off in different directions. The observer reports that one of the blue orbs went down the road towards Schenectady. He said, “Before it completely flew off, it flew in a square shape, the square trail holding illumination as the object itself flew away, and the square began to dissipate.” Within moments of the orbs leaving, the car radios came back on and the cellphones all came back on, fully charged and functional.

Let’s look at some other Schenectady County sightings:

  • 2 Feb. 2012 at about 6:20 p.m., a Rotterdam resident was watching her dog through a window and spotted a bright light in the southeast sky moving northwest. The object appeared to be a huge triangle shape with four or five white lights on each side. They all blinked off twice and back on.  The observer states that the triangle flew over his house and vanished
  • 30 Nov. 2012 at about 10:30 p.m., a Schenectady resident had just gotten home from work. He glanced upward and noticed two red dots moving together and in a diagonal form. The red objects moved relatively slowly, unlike conventional aircraft. After about 10 minutes, they vanished.
  • 14 Sept. 2012 at about 9:30 p.m., a Rotterdam resident witnessed six orange fireballs floating over his residence. He states that the fireballs were uniformly spaced, flew silently and at about the speed of a typical aircraft.
  • 22 Jan. 2013 at about 7:30 p.m., a Schenectady resident noticed an extremely bright ball of light streaming downward from sky behind tree tops and to the horizon. The path of the bright ball or stream of light took about 2 to 3 seconds to travel from sky to horizon.
  • 28 Jan. 2013 at about 8:40 p.m., a Duanesburg resident spotted an oval flying object in the night sky.  It was symmetrical with several blinking lights spread horizontally on the lower part of the object. It was traveling north to south then vanished.

If you have a UFO sighting to report, you can use either one of the two national database services: www.NUFORC.ORG  or www.MUFON.COM  Both services respect confidentiality.

If you have a story to tell, I’d love to hear the when, where and what. Email it to [email protected]. The names of witnesses will be omitted to protect their privacy.


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