New York Skies (Cheryl Costa)

A 1975 UFO Close Encounter

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares a 40-year-old account of a UFO encounter in Clarence, NY.

David grew up in Clarence, NY, in Erie County, and said it was in July 1975 that he had his UFO close encounter experience.

It was a little after 11 p.m. David had been in bed for about 30 minutes and had recently dozed off to sleep. Suddenly, he heard a loud humming noise that progressively got louder.

“I sat up in bed and looked out the open window toward the road,” David said. “I saw three blinking lights: yellow-orange, red and green.”

He climbed out of bed to get a closer look at the bright object outside. David said that the object was slowly moving west, parallel with the road. He estimated the object was hovering about four or five feet above the ground and was perhaps 25 feet from his family’s house. He thinks it was moving at 10-15 mph.

“At first, I thought it was farm equipment or an emergency vehicle,” he said.

But as David stared at the brilliantly-bright object, he realized it was something he had never seen before. As he began to comprehend what was going on outside, he became frightened and said that he crouched down behind a window sill, still looking outside. The object continued on its western course, flying slowing between the trees near the edge of the road, until he lost sight of it as it went deeper into the woods.

David said that he was never able make out a definitive shape of the object, but he does remember thinking that it was about 15 feet long.

“To this day, some 40 years later, I can remember it like it was yesterday.” David said.

Let’s look at some recent UFO sighting in New York Skies

Nov. 22, 2015: At midnight, a resident of Palmyra observed 15 to 20 bright glowing orbs over the city.

Nov. 22, 2015: At 4:30 p.m., a resident of Jamestown reported seeing a dozen silver-white objects flying northeast of the city.

Nov. 23, 2015: At 6:45 p.m., a resident of Farmingville, NY, witnessed a black cigar-shaped flying object with huge bright lights.

Nov. 23, 2015: At 6:48 p.m., a resident of Rochester reported seeing nine flashing red and white lights flying in a loose formation.

Dec. 1, 2015: At 8 p.m., a motorist in Greece, NY, observed a large formation of odd objects flying before disappearing into the clouds.

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