1966 UFO: A Huge Green Orb UFO

Who knew that a family’s day trip would result in witnessing a huge green orb UFO.

Roger and his family lived in New York City, in the Bronx specifically. It was late June 1966, Roger, his wife, daughter 12 and two sons, ages eight and six, decided to get up before sun rise and hit the open road for a day trip to Pennsylvania. The family of six were traveling south on the Throgs Neck suspension bridge just prior to sunrise.

“We were probably about 2/3 of the way across the bridge, when the entire family witnessed a huge green orb UFO hovering above the bridge. My wife and the two boys were excited, yelling to me to look.  I remember that it was so close to the bridge that my daughter began screaming because she thought this orb was going to hit the bridge and knock it down.”

Roger tells us that the entire sighting lasted probably no longer than 30 seconds and no one in the car remembers observing this green orb flying away. He says that it just seemed to disappear. What has bothered Roger all these years is that some of the family members clearly remember the event and other have clearly forgotten it. “I think that it is very odd that something that amazing could be so easily forgotten. “

“The huge green orb UFO had no distinguishing marks and the entire family agrees that it was not the moon or the sun. As for the size of the orb, I would say it was a the size of a football field in diameter and I might be underestimating it by quite a bit. The distance that it was from the bridge was perhaps 300 or 400yds.”

Roger told us that the family discussed the sighting briefly after the initial sighting, then it wasn’t spoken of again for nearly two decades.

“It was about 20 years later at a family reunion when someone brought up the subject of UFOs. Then for some odd reason we all remembered the incident like it happened yesterday.”

Roger thinks that while the bridge was scant for other motorists that particular morning in 1966, he feels that there has to be other witnesses to this huge green orb UFO sighting.

Let’s look at some recent UFO sightings in New York Skies:

17 April 2015: at about 11 p.m. a Queensbury, NY resident observed a fiery-reddish- orange craft traveling fast over the mountains then just vanishing.

17 April 2015: at about 6 p.m. a Garden City, NY resident observed an object that looked like a bird flying up in the air not too far from a jet, then it morphed into an orb, the orb joined several other orbs, then the joint orb ascended and disappeared.

18 April 2015: at about 6 p.m. a Staten Island, NY resident looking out of an office window and witnessed a bright white Triangle shaped craft that hovered over Staten Island for about an hour.

19 April 2015: at about 8:30 p.m. a resident of Johnson City, NY reports that he saw three lights (blue, green, unknown) flying one after another in a curved path from south to north, at extremely low altitude, very fast.

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