Top 5 Stories of the Week
by Ty Marshal - Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

The Top 5 (most read) Stories for 3/17 – 3/23

Each Sunday we present the Top 5 Most Read Stories of the Week for the Syracuse New Times digital edition. This week our online readers clicked everything from Social Media to the Taxes and some Nazi’s in between! Starting with Number 5, click on the title or the photo to read the full story! You can find a fresh print edition free on stands every Wednesday and new content (almost) daily here online. And don’t forget, on April 2nd, the New Times is getting a brand new look!



#5) Thick Skin 

Christopher MaloneEarlier this week we introduced our newest blogger, Christopher Malone, with a weekly online column titled “The Inevitable Coffee Ring.” Find him here every, fresh every Tuesday…





#4) Gimme (Tax) Shelter

KramerA possible tax break could add to plenty of comic relief, so says humor columnist Jeff Kramer.





#3) Nazi Germany is Revealed in a Subtle, Shocking Show at ArtRage 

Nazi Germany is revealed in a subtle, shocking show at ArtRageNancy Keefe-Rhodes curates “Normal: How the Nazis Normalized the Unspeakable” at ArtRage Gallery, highlighting ordinary human activities taking place within a totalitarian society.




#2) A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Social Media Galaxy 

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Social Media GalaxyWe also introduced a new Tech writer this week – Joe Cunningham – who will be bringing us the latest and greatest in tech news and information. Here’s his first article with the Syracuse New Times in the number two spot!




#1) 1970 UFO – Two Beings in the Cockpit

Photo Courtesy of MUFON

Photo Courtesy of MUFON

Every Friday, Cheryl Costa brings us ‘New York Skies‘ – or as we call it for short: “the ufo blog.” Either the internet really enjoys reading about UFO’s, or Cheryl has some secret alien technology that continues to put ‘New York Skies‘ in our top spot – either way, here it is at Number One!

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