Top 5 Stories of the Week
by Ty Marshal - Monday, August 11th, 2014

August 4 – 10

Each week, we tally the numbers to bring you the Top 5 Most Read Stories of the Week on As tastes and interests change, so do the Top 5. Whether it’s a story about cars, UFO’s or local music, our thoughtful readers click on the stories that are meaningful to you.

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#5) Tim Herron Corporation: 15 Years of Making Music
tim heronKeeping a band together for any period of time is a challenge. Keeping a band running for 15 years is a miracle.





#4) 1954 UFO – Summer UFO Deja Vu
New York SkiesA Port Jefferson teen had a case of Summer UFO Deja Vu.





#3) Best of Syracuse 2014
best of votingAre you ready to vote for the Best of Syracuse® 2014?








#2) What? ‘Bills’ and ‘Congel’ in the Same Sentence?
kramer1Scott Congel is a pay-his-own-way guy. Straight shooter — just like his Old Man. You’re going to love this guy, West Seneca.





#1) The 2014 Syracuse Nationals (Photos)
The 2014 Syracuse NationalsSee photos from the 2014 Syracuse Nationals.





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