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Gilded Social: The Social Display Network

The future of digital advertising: Gilded Social creates instant social network displays.

An interview with Scott Friedberg, CEO and Founder of Gilded Social

What is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Sometimes social media can surprise you.

By now all of your Facebook friends and enemies have posted a video of themselves dumping an ice bucket on their heads. There are videos of Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen, Emily Blunt, Weird Al, Derek Jeter, and, well, pretty much everyone online doing it also.

Social Media Campaign to #ShowUsCNY14

#ShowUsCNY14 (June 25 – 30)

Last year, as part of Mashable’s international “Social Media Day,” a local group of social media enthusiasts and professionals – the Social Media Breakfast Syracuse – launched a creative campaign titled #ShowUsCNY. The rules were simple: snap a picture or take a video of anything going on in the Central New York area – be it scenic, fun, inspirational, or all of the above – and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ using the above mentioned hashtag.

Brazzlebox: A New Local Social Network

Completely integrated with existing popular social networks.

There is a bridge over the river coming from Franklin Square, just outside of Downtown Syracuse. It overlooks the brick sidewalk to Freedom of Espresso and the big Ben Franklin statue in the courtyard. On the other side of this bridge is an immense mirror-windowed building: 500 Plum Street.

Social Media and Veterans

The discussion centered around using social media to assist veterans.

Last Thursday was the monthly Social Media Breakfast Syracuse (#SMBSyr) held at the Whitman School of Management on the SU campus entitled: Social Media and Veterans. Attendees were met with coffee and donuts at the door and then entered a very modern, technologically equipped auditorium.

What’s Up In Tech

Tech News, Twitter, Movies and Favorites.

Hide your credit cards: here are a few things going on in the tech world. Heartbleed “It is the most serious security issue the connected world has ever seen and we will be discussing it for years to come,” says Thomas Hart, Web Application Developer at Terakeet.

Centscere Turns Social Media Actions Into Donations

Meet the innovators behind Centscere

Just when you thought liking your friend’s video of a drunk baboon on Facebook was a total waste of time, a local Syracuse tech company steps in and makes it possible for every social action to have real, tangible, transcendent meaning.

Trending in Social Media

#trending in internet-land

In between blow-drying your hair, flossing your teeth, “tweezering” your nose hair, and taking out the trash, it’s important every morning to keep up on what’s going on in social media. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here. I stayed up late last night to save you the hassle.

The Best Things Not to Say on Social Media (NSFW)

(NSFW) “Here’s a photo of my Starbucks drink.”

Everyone has that moment when they say something stupid online and then go to delete it and 5 “friends” have already liked, commented and shared it with 7,000 other people. I think it’s important to go over various things that are better off said in the privacy of our own homes, but not while we are late-night web-surfing.

Social Media and the New Faces of Journalism

SMBSyr meets monthly on diverse social topics and in different locations

Last Thursday, social media enthusiasts and professionals got to get up early to attend perhaps my favorite monthly event around town (don’t judge) – the Social Media Breakfast Syracuse (SMB).