Apps & Games Unveils Galaxy: A New Content Distribution Platform

GOG announced they’re launching a public beta of ‘Galaxy’ is familiar to many PC gamers as a platform by which computer games both old and new can be purchased, free of DRM restrictions. But today, GOG announced they’re launching a public beta of ‘Galaxy,’ a new content distribution client comparable to Valve’s Steam and EA’s Origin platform.

Valve Introduces Monetized Mods, Huge Backlash Reverses Decision

How to create modifications of games and share them with others

Valve Corporation, the company in charge of PC gaming content platform Steam, In cooperation with game developer Bethesda, introduced a new feature to the Steam Workshop: Paid Mods.

Amiibo Insanity

Amiibo figures limited quantity makes them difficult to find in stores

Nintendo’s collectible amiibo figures have become an enormous success, but perhaps they’re too successful for their own good— certain figures have had stock shortages, resulting in a huge secondary market on sites like eBay.

Mewtwo Arrives for Club Nintendo members

The software update suggest two unannounced newcomers

Rumor says music files in the software update suggest two unannounced newcomers.

The Latest Offerings from Nintendo

Nintendo Direct Recap: The latest offerings from Nintendo

In this 40-minute presentation, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata brought the press and the public up to speed on April 1 with the latest offerings from Nintendo. Announced with barely 24 hours notice, Nintendo took great care to point out this was no April Fool’s Day hoax. Here’s a recap of the major news.

Art and Suicide in ‘The Static Speaks My Name’

(Gaming) A brief, mystifying horror experience.

Horror video games are currently experiencing something of a renaissance. The astounding popularity of the recent “Amnesia” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series are proof  of that. Even so, the current popularity of the genre has led to quite a few empty cash-grab games that rely on cheap jump-scares to cause fear. However, a recent creation, “The Static Speaks My Name” by independent developer Jesse Barksdale, proves to be something of an antithesis to the typical modern horror game, but it is no less of a surreal, unnerving experience.

Hideo Kojima to leave Konami and Metal Gear Solid series

Konami will retain the rights to the Metal Gear franchise.

Hideo Kojima, best known as the creator of the beloved Metal Gear franchise, is set to officially leave his longtime position at Japanese game developer Konami Digital Entertainment. Konami will retain the rights to the Metal Gear franchise.

The Visual Novel: An Overlooked Genre

Choose Your Own Adventure for Video Games

Remember the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books of childhood?

Nintendo Enters Smartphone Gaming, Announces New Console

But Nintendo certainly isn’t getting out of the traditional game console race

Nintendo has traditionally stayed away the smartphone gaming market, but now, they appear to have changed their minds.

Gilded Social: The Social Display Network

The future of digital advertising: Gilded Social creates instant social network displays.

An interview with Scott Friedberg, CEO and Founder of Gilded Social