Tech Unveils Galaxy: A New Content Distribution Platform

GOG announced they’re launching a public beta of ‘Galaxy’ is familiar to many PC gamers as a platform by which computer games both old and new can be purchased, free of DRM restrictions. But today, GOG announced they’re launching a public beta of ‘Galaxy,’ a new content distribution client comparable to Valve’s Steam and EA’s Origin platform.

Valve Introduces Monetized Mods, Huge Backlash Reverses Decision

How to create modifications of games and share them with others

Valve Corporation, the company in charge of PC gaming content platform Steam, In cooperation with game developer Bethesda, introduced a new feature to the Steam Workshop: Paid Mods.

EPISODE 009: Jeannette Hanna – World of Cheddar, Interactive Design

Listen to an interview with Jeannette Hanna

This week we have Jeannette Hanna of World of Cheddar. Hanna is a student at SU and specializes in interactive design exploring also virtual reality, augmented reality, and other new technology and media. Listen here for a really interesting and fun show.

Jeannette Hanna: Exploring the World of Interactive Design

Mastering the art and science of the interface

As a student at Syracuse University, Jeannette Hanna is a policies studies major, but she also explores a brave new world. As a perpetual student of technology and innovation, Hanna also enjoys tapping into the world of interactive design.

Amiibo Insanity

Amiibo figures limited quantity makes them difficult to find in stores

Nintendo’s collectible amiibo figures have become an enormous success, but perhaps they’re too successful for their own good— certain figures have had stock shortages, resulting in a huge secondary market on sites like eBay.

EPISODE 008: Brian Pincelli – Local Government, Technology, and Startups

Listen to an interview with Brian Pincelli

This week we have Brian Pincelli, principal planner on the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board speaking about the local government's relationship with startups and entrepreneurs.

Volu: Giving Non-Profits the Tech They Need

“Doing more good better”

When Chris McCarthy came up with Volu, he didn’t do it in a vacuum. A 40 Below community engagement volunteer, McCarthy was tasked with organizing and promoting non-profit work in the greater Syracuse area. The website he had to work with was not very helpful. In fact, McCarthy found, many non-profit organizations across the globe were having the same problems: mainly, tech.

Episode 007: WISE: Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Listen to an interview with members of WISE

This week we have members of WISE: Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship talking about their annual Symposium event coming up April 21st at Syracuse University, as well as the WISE Women's Business Center that helps launch and support women entrepreneurs.

Mewtwo Arrives for Club Nintendo members

The software update suggest two unannounced newcomers

Rumor says music files in the software update suggest two unannounced newcomers.

Women-Owned Businesses and the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

WISE: Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

According to, over the past decade and a half, the number of women-owned businesses has grown substantially by 54% (roughly 8 million). However, though 30% of companies are now owned by women, only 5% of venture capital is invested in women-owned ventures.