Centscere Turns Social Media Actions Into Donations

Meet the innovators behind Centscere

Just when you thought liking your friend’s video of a drunk baboon on Facebook was a total waste of time, a local Syracuse tech company steps in and makes it possible for every social action to have real, tangible, transcendent meaning.

Trending in Social Media

#trending in internet-land

In between blow-drying your hair, flossing your teeth, “tweezering” your nose hair, and taking out the trash, it’s important every morning to keep up on what’s going on in social media. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here. I stayed up late last night to save you the hassle.

Regarding Robots

Modern robotics has taken an incredible step forward to bridge the gap between reality and science fiction.

It is perhaps one of the greatest moments in movie history. (Spoiler alert!) A mother and child stare at a lifelike giant of a machine that stares at them with one human-looking eye and one torn open to reveal its menacing robotic form. The machine instructs the mother on how to end it and the danger it possesses by lowering him into a cauldron of burning lava below.

The Best Things Not to Say on Social Media (NSFW)

(NSFW) “Here’s a photo of my Starbucks drink.”

Everyone has that moment when they say something stupid online and then go to delete it and 5 “friends” have already liked, commented and shared it with 7,000 other people. I think it’s important to go over various things that are better off said in the privacy of our own homes, but not while we are late-night web-surfing.

Not So Smart Clothing

I expected cooler things than that by now.

Smart Clothing: The day will come when this is not an oxy-moron.

Social Media and the New Faces of Journalism

SMBSyr meets monthly on diverse social topics and in different locations

Last Thursday, social media enthusiasts and professionals got to get up early to attend perhaps my favorite monthly event around town (don’t judge) – the Social Media Breakfast Syracuse (SMB).

(re)Discover the Alternative

by Staff

Syracuse New Times to Launch Redesign of 45-Year-Old Community Newspaper

On April 2, the Syracuse New Times, the fourth-oldest alternative weekly in the United States, will launch a redesign of the newspaper, adopting a modern, magazine-quality look and enhanced content.

Choosing Your Tablet

The tablets that I love.

Last December I joined “The Tablet Club” when I bought a never-used first generation iPad mini off my accountant’s son’s father and mother for a fraction of what it would have cost in the store.  I love it!  It’s like I’ve upgraded my smartphone without buying a new laptop.  I can watch Netflix in bed without worrying about the residual effects of long-term eyesight problems, I can watch my Facebook notifications pop up on either side of my monitor at work, and I can even take it to meetings and look up stuff people are talking about, email them about it, and take notes without looking like I’m just texting my friends.

Library E-card

Technology allows digital downloads

Overdue library books may be a thing of the past.

My Favorite Apps

The smartphone is taking over the world

In olden days (1951), computers like the UNIVAC I could remember about 1,000 words at a time and sold for nearly one million dollars apiece (which is about a billion dollars these days).  Today the average smartphone goes for only 350 buckaroos.  Your typical handheld device contains more processing power than all the tech NASA used to put the first man on the moon.