Tech RoundUp

Tech RoundUp: Tony Hawk rides a Hendo, Kim Kardashian, Social Media and Civic Pride

Tony Hawk Rides the Hendo Hover Who would be the coolest person to test out this new tech (besides Michael J. Fox)? The most famous skateboarder in history took a spin on the world’s first hoverboard as shown in this YouTube video. X-Games fans are eager to see him take it out on the open road in years to come.

Tech RoundUp

Tech RoundUp for Nov. 13 – 19

Macaulay Culkin Is (Not) Dead After another “Orlando Bloom Died In A Tragic Bungee Jumping Accident”-like internet lie, the Home Alone actor who is, by the way, still alive, had a little fun by posting pictures of himself pretending to be dead in a Weekend At Bernie’s stunt that rivals Barney Stinson’s in the final season of How I Met Your Mother. Kudos to “Kevin” for the [k]reativity.

Plowz and Mowz: a Syracuse App Success Story

A service to have your driveway plowed with just a few taps on your smartphone.

It’s that time again.

Tech RoundUp

Tech Roundup – see what’s going on in the tech world!

Robot Chicken Baby Penguin Scientists were flustered when human researchers failed to effectively commune with penguin colonies. However, they are now having wild success by sending in small robots reminiscent of the droids used by bomb squads but with one significant difference: they are dressed up like baby penguins.

Hacking Down Hunger and Homelessness

Civic Engagement Meets Tech

Hackers will converge upon Syracuse’s Tech Garden this weekend armed with technology and ready to develop applications that address hunger and homelessness.

Tech Geekery: An Interview with Amy and Mike Wyant

(Tech) The technical go-to for people and companies

If you frequented the Syracuse Coworks Space at the Tech Garden or visited the Apple store in years past you may have met with two partners who founded their own company in 2013 focused on being the technical go-to for people and companies not only in CNY but around the globe.

Tech Roundup

See what’s happening in tech!

Blood Jewelry An Israeli grad student named Naomi Kizhner has invented her own line of “stunning” jewelry that literally feeds off human energy. The pieces stream the host/wearer’s blood through the device to spin the cog wheel, shake the golden rods, or what have you.

Makerspace: Syracuse Innovators’ Guild

A Q&A with Dan Jaworski, IT consultant and Guild Board Member of Syracuse Makerspace

I met Dan at a cafe on James Street. We had been childhood friends and I hadn’t seen him in about twenty years, but recognized him in an instant. He eyed my laptop and asked if I was using a secure connection. I gave him my wrinkled “I don’t know face” and then we walked down to his “Makerspace” as if going down into “The Batcave.”

Tech RoundUp

Zombies, Chimps and Apples

Zombie Shelters for Sale Been watching a little too much Walking Dead lately? This  Cold War reminiscent trend is overtaking parts of the nation. From DIY’s to contract builders charging $35k to upwards of $146,000 equipped with a DJ station and entertainment center. So you can take down those walkers to a soundtrack of your choice.

The Urban Geek: An Interview with Ben Ingber

A local tech guy who definitely knows his stuff

I first met Benjamin Ingber on Facebook when I became a member of “CNY Bloggers” – a group of local online writers who share ideas, posts and meet up info for get-togethers outside of the cyber-sphere. Ingber created about a year and a half ago as a way to talk about something he has a real passion for in the public forum – technology.