Tech Roundup

A few things going on in tech

Brazzlebox Launches Thursday Sept. 18! The new local social media site is set to launch Thursday, September 18. Find out more about the unique network by reading the New Times exclusive interview and visiting

Making Magic

What if you could create your own dream job? Chedy Hampson did.

Chedy Hampson has always been a huge fan of card games, his favorite being Magic: The Gathering. In the Magic gaming world, it’s all about finding, trading and buying the right cards. Websites like eBay and Amazon helped gamers sell to other gamers, but the shopping experience was lacking: quality guarantees, fast delivery, easy shopping comparisons and buying assorted volumes was not on level. Hampson knew it could be; and niche gamer sites lacked the inventory.


The unveiling of Apple’s latest and perhaps greatest mobile devices

They were not watching a Papal funeral, a Kardashian wedding, nor a royal christening; however, on Wednesday thousands upon thousands interrupted work, lunch, exercise and the regular rotary routines to huddle around an Apple device somewhere and look into a big tent.

They Are Those People

A New Times interview with a local web celebrity couple.

Eight years ago, Lauren and Mark Greutman were facing over $40,000 in credit card debt, a mortgage, their first child, and a $1,000 deficit in their monthly income. It was time to do something.

Tech Roundup

A few things going on in tech.

#Cinephilephoto A new Twitter trend, much like the #IceBucketChallenge, just less wet and charity-ish. Participants post a photo from a movie that speaks to them and nominate three “@friends” to do the same. See what I posted after fellow New Times writer, Chris Malone called me out.

How CRMs Are Stoking Up Business

Customer relationship management

Once upon a time there was the address book. Then came the rolodex. After that, Excel spreadsheets and then Access: a program that was about as efficient as a stampede of wildebeests during a fire drill.

Tech Roundup

Watches, tweets and shocks

Here are a few tidbits of what’s happening in the world of tech.

What is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Sometimes social media can surprise you.

By now all of your Facebook friends and enemies have posted a video of themselves dumping an ice bucket on their heads. There are videos of Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen, Emily Blunt, Weird Al, Derek Jeter, and, well, pretty much everyone online doing it also.

Tech Round Up

ALS, #ShowUsCNY14 and Ice Cream for Breakfast

Here are a few things going on in tech:  

StartFast Demo Day 2014

Venture capitalists and angel investors from all over the country were in attendance.

Just a few years ago, starting a company meant renting out or buying an old storefront somewhere, swinging a hammer over a few nails until it looked just right, and selling some odd number of trinkets or plumbing services.