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Sumo Wrestling Comes to Turning Stone

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There will be 45 matches at the event at Turning Stone.

A sumo seven league of nations will descend on Turning Stone Resort and Casino for a round-robin All-Star sumo wrestling event on Saturday, July 19. Contestants from Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Poland, New Zealand, Egypt and the U.S. will compete to win an All-Star title.

Hats off to Lorenzo

Lorenzo does sport and pleasure like no other event. Set on the jewel-box grounds of the Lorenzo State Historic site, the competition takes full advantage of the lush surroundings.

Flash some ankle, dust off a straw boater and comport yourself as if the internal combustion engine had never been invented: This is Lorenzo Driving Competition weekend, and in Cazenovia they’ll be partying like it’s 1899.

Onondaga County’s Lakeview Amphitheater

A preview

A conceptual design report for the Onondaga County amphitheater project was presented to the public at the Solvay High School auditorium on Wednesday July 9. County Executive Joanie Mahoney was joined by County Legislature Chairman Ryan McMahon, State Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli and representatives from C&S Companies and edr who showed the following 3D video tour to an audience of roughly 150 community members as part of the hour and a half long presentation.

Lesbian Mothers Forced to Choose Their Lovers or Their Children

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Advocates Call Closure of SU Center for Rape Victims a Mistake

Survivors roundly criticized the move as a step backward

More than 7,800 people have signed an online petition calling on Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud to reverse course and reopen the Advocacy Center, the office at SU that until its sudden closing earlier this month served student rape victims and others dealing with sexual assault or relationship violence.

Who Is Fethullah Gülen?

Ed Giffin-Nolan profiles the Turkish-born Islamic religious leader, Fethullah Gülen.

Fethullah Gülen is a Turkish-born Islamic religious leader who encourages his followers to build schools instead of mosques. He has resided in Pennsylvania since 1999. The schools are not religious schools; rather, they focus on science, consistent with Gülen’s preaching, which emphasizes that knowledge of God emerges from knowledge of the world.

A Short History of the Rainbow Flag

A conversation with Gilbert Baker, the artist who created the rainbow flag.

The pink triangle first appeared in Nazi Germany as an inmate marking used in Hitler's concentration camps during WWII. The triangles were downward-pointing fabric badges sewn onto one's outer garments, color categorizing prisoners by "kind."

Weed for What Ails You

The Compassionate Care Act

If the State Senate votes this week to approve the medical use of marijuana, two area senators will have played key roles in bringing the bill, known as S-4406-c, or the Compassionate Care Act, to the floor.

Pride Week Kicks Off

LGBT Pride Week in CNY

Mayor Stephanie Miner joined the CNY Pride Committee in kicking off LGBT pride week in Syracuse with the raising of a rainbow flag over City Hall. Common Council President Van Robinson, Majority Leader Helen Hudson and Councilors Jean Kessner and Kathleen Joy, as well as City Clerk John Copanas and City Auditor Marty Masterpole joined in the festivities celebrated under clear skies.

Heroin in CNY (mobile version)

Once-rare drug becomes more common and spreads into the suburbs.