A Craft Collective Shows at CommonSpace

CommonSpace Crafts, an art gallery on 201 E. Jefferson St., opened on Sunday.

Commonspace Crafts hosted its grand opening on Sunday Nov. 9, featuring the work of eleven local artists. The gallery will show the artists' work for the next two months.

School District’s Independent Monitor Begins Her Work

Tisha Edwards looks at how Syracuse deals with its outsize suspension problem.

"We can drop the numbers of suspensions down and have safe schools. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

Syracuse Woman Writes Book About Suspension, Calls it a ‘Weapon’

Suspended for Life: The Road to Unemployment, Crime, and Death

If you’ve ever seen Twiggy Billue speak at a meeting of the Syracuse Board of Education, you know that the diminutive and vocal activist is full of passion about children. If you read her recent self-published book, Suspended for Life: The Road to Unemployment, Crime, and Death, you may start to understand why she feels so strongly about the dangers of profiling poor students, especially African-American males … even more so if those students have been labeled with disabilities.

Hacking Down Hunger and Homelessness

Civic Engagement Meets Tech

Hackers will converge upon Syracuse’s Tech Garden this weekend armed with technology and ready to develop applications that address hunger and homelessness.

Kallet, Marshall Tucker Band Raise Money for Christine LaFave

Marshall Tucker Band at the Kallet Theater, Nov. 21

Christine LaFave wanted to do something nice for her husband.

Hope for Bereaved Annual Dinner is Friday

Friday, Nov. 7, at the OnCenter

Michael McBride loved Christmas. He loved the train sets and setting out food for the reindeer.

Salt Market 2014: Celebrating Art in Syracuse

The sixth annual Salt Market showcased 56 local artists Saturday at SKY Armory

More than 50 artists showcased their work at the six annual Salt Market in SKY Armory on Saturday. In a warehouse with Christmas lights strung from the ceiling, the crafters and designers sold their prints, knits, and jewelry amidst fresh scones and espresso.

Do You See This Man?

He’s homeless, and many people pass as if he were invisible

Homeless in Syracuse

Do You See This Man? (Mobile Version)

He’s homeless, and many people pass as if he were invisible

Homeless in Syracuse

Red Solo Cup, Let’s Not Fill You Up

Reigning as the top party school comes at a cost.

A group of Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF students have created a public art installation of Solo cups to address the environmental effects of waste and party culture in Syracuse.