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You Get What You Pay For

How ’bout that raise?

Just a day after the elections, I’m sitting in my editor’s office and in walks our esteemed publisher. The publisher is a well-known conservative Republican. The editor describes himself as a proud liberal Democrat, and I prefer to be known as an unaffiliated radical; I’ve always been taught that in our system, political parties stand for only one thing — winning elections — and that is not a principle I care to sign on to.

La Casita Cultural Center Honors Veterans

Walking through La Casita Cultural Center’s exhibit Balcon Criollo

Korea is often referred to as the forgotten war, and Latino veterans have good reason to consider themselves the forgotten ones within the forgotten war.

Why Maffei Should Lose

Empty slogans and exaggerated attacks

As I write this, no one knows who will win the 24th Congressional District seat. Our paper goes to bed at the end of business on Tuesdays, while voters are still making their way to the schools and churches and town halls where they cast their ballots. So I don’t know who has won the favor of the good people of this strange district, which from the sky looks like a sonogram of Syracuse with a bad case of goiter.

Maybe We Can Learn from the Fears

The teachable moment on Ebola

First to quell the rumors: It is not true that local reporters assigned to cover the Katko-Maffei congressional race have begun begging their editors to transfer them to Liberia to report on the Ebola outbreak. That did not happen, but if you had to endure up close and on a daily basis the mind numbing, childish chatter that has passed for a campaign this season, you might well understand the allure of Monrovia.

You Can’t Put the Toothpaste Back in the Tube

What Pope Francis has released here is not something you can stop

Forty years is a long time, a number especially significant for a man of a biblical faith, and so, 40 years after his ordination, Fred Daley, the only openly gay Roman Catholic priest in the Syracuse Diocese, can be forgiven for believing that the Promised Land might finally be coming into view.

Why Does a Dog Move Us More Than Dying People?

Priorities During Crisis

Ebola hemorrhagic fever doesn’t have a name or a face that we can relate to, or at least it didn’t until Thomas Duncan died Oct. 1 in Texas days after flying in from Liberia. It is believed that Duncan contracted the virus while performing an act of kindness: helping a pregnant 19-year-old woman into a cab so that she could get to a hospital.

Officials Soft-Pedal Crude Oil Infernos but Send Chopper to Rescue Muddy Teens

Who made the call to send in the helicopter?

Last week, hundreds of people crowded into the auditorium at ESM High School to hear National Guard troops explain how to prepare for a disaster. It was part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s push to help us get ready for storms, power outages and other calamities, though judging by the swag bag we all took home — see Jeff Kramer's column here  — a reasonable person, or even Kramer, might be tempted to consider it part of the governor’s re-election campaign.

Of Puppies and Lattes and Bombs Away: Asking All The Wrong Questions

Will we run out of targets?

If you are growing weary of my taking up this space to once again write about Syria and the War on Beheadings, you can blame the check-engine light on my wife’s Subaru.

I say ISIL, You Say ISIS (Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off)

Another fault line as far as Middle East policy goes

So here is one morning’s sampling of developments in the Middle East:

Keeping Perspective and Overreactions

(Sanity Fair) Did you watch the Foley beheading video?

I did not view the nudie pics of Jennifer Lawrence online. I claim no moral superiority in relation to my digital abstinence. It was a busy week. It also helps when browsing the Web to have a general disdain for celebrity news — and a daughter in her early 20s.