The Erin Brockovich of the DMV


Lawsuit type: Class Action

High on Kramer

Part II

Today, in Part II of my series on using legal recreational marijuana in my home state of Washington, I’ll begin by correcting a minor oversight.

Kramer Goes to Pot

Part 1

It’s a safe bet that none of you have smoked marijuana ever. After all, it’s illegal in New York State. No worries. I smoked some for you this past weekend in my home state of Washington, where voters in 2013 approved … you know … that thing …

Not Just the Start of School

The start of High School

How did this happen? Starting this week I have a daughter in high school. This makes me quite proud and filled with the highest of expectations. Miranda’s a great kid who studies hard. Plus she has an insider’s advantage.


Kramer on the Byways of France

Deep in the heart of French wine country, in the town of Chablis, there’s a restaurant called, Le Syracuse. Sorry. I tried to go there two Mondays ago, but much like France itself in August, it was closed.

Jeff Kramer completes the ALS #icebucketchallenge

by Staff

…at Onondaga Lake?

Jeff Kramer completed the ALS #icebucketchallenge on the shores of Onondaga Lake after being nominated by Judge James H. Cecile.

Kramer’s Wild Rides

On a long, long ride to nowhere.

Gone is James E. Strates. Wade Shows is the new midway man in town. We wish them luck at the Great New York State Fair. And we hope to finally see some rides that truly reflect Central New York.

What? ‘Bills’ and ‘Congel’ in the Same Sentence?

Scott Congel is a pay-his-own-way guy. Straight shooter — just like his Old Man. You’re going to love this guy, West Seneca.

Hello, West Seneca? Are you there?

Dear Mr. President

Part of the Problem? No, CNY Can Be Part of the Solutions

I like children ... to a point. I’ll even go a step further and say that anyone who lacks a soft spot for kids at risk needs help themselves.

Gas, Pizza… and Maybe More Gas

There’s nothing wrong with eating gas station pizza other than it proves your human.

Who has the best gas station pizza in Central New York?