Cover Story

Je Suis Charlie

Covers from Charlie Hebdo

This week, the New Times republishes covers from Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine that was the target of a massacre by Islamic terrorists. Editor-in-chief Larry Dietrich explains why.

Get Down(Town) with the Funk

Funk n Waffles Moves Downtown

Funk n Waffles Moves Downtown Jessica Novak talks with Adam Gold about the expansion of Funk n Waffles downtown from University Hill

Wigged Out

Behind the scenes at Syracuse Stage

Syracuse Stage’s production of Hairspray is set in Baltimore in the 1960s. Reporter Blair Sylvester spoke with the costume designers and wig designer about the work that goes into setting the stage.

Why Protest?

Anti-drone activists explain why they rally and, sometimes, go to jail

Clear Conscience

City Super Market

Nojaim’s market sticks with its Near West Side customers

Social scientists say one of the difficulties for the urban poor is the “food desert” — the scarcity of choices in the city. Reporter Ed Griffin-Nolan looks at how Nojaim's market changes with the times.

Gifts, Local and Yummy

Food writer Margaret McCormick offers her annual ideas for interesting, unusual things to give for the holidays

When it comes to gifts of local food, Kate Gillen, owner and operator of Sampling Syracuse Food Tours ( has several favorites.

Nifty November

by Staff

Four stage events to put on your calendar

Talent Scouting with Carrie Lazarus Music writer Jessica Novak uncovers the good news behind the Channel 9 anchor’s Extraordinary passion project

Project Censored

The news that didn’t make the news

Ocean acidification tops the list of important stories ignored by mainstream media.

Welcome to SALT City

Surprises and sentiment dominate the 10th annual SALT Awards, and stage critic James MacKillop covered it all from the balcony

Streamlining kept the 10th annual Syracuse New Times Syracuse Area Live Theater (SALT) Awards under two hours, but still packed in more gags, skits and episodes than ever. The event was held Sunday, Oct. 26, at Syracuse Stage, on the set of the current production of August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.

Do You See This Man?

He’s homeless, and many people pass as if he were invisible

Homeless in Syracuse