Cover Story

Market Values

Writer Leanna Garfield profiles refugees who find community at Syracuse’s first Nepali grocery store

When loyal customer Devi Siwakoti enters the All Asian Store, the first and largest of four Nepali grocery stores in Syracuse, a thick waft of cumin, dill seeds and a sense of home greet him.

Cruz Control: Juan Cruz’s one-man show

Arts writer Carl Mellor visits a new show by Juan Cruz, who has cut and reshaped his previous works

None of That: Nada de Eso, Juan Cruz's one-man show at La Casita Cultural Center, poses a fundamental question: Why would a talented artist take scissors and deliberately slice up a bunch of his paintings? For Cruz, that act isn't mutilation but an initial stage in a new creative process.

Greyrock On a Roll

Writer Margaret McCormick visits Cazenovia’s Greyrock Farm, a year-round, full-diet operation

As the CSA (community-supported agriculture) sign-up season kicked into gear in February, Matt Volz found himself in an unusual place: parked in a chair at the computer for two to three hours at a stretch, processing registration forms and payments and answering questions from customers.

Get a Grip

Writer Ty Marshal investigates the muscle-bound thrills of arm wrestling

Nearly five dozen arm wrestlers top-rolled, hooked and pinned at the Tilted Kilt Bar and Restaurant, 3017 Erie Blvd. E., to compete for a chance to flex their muscles in the 2015 regional championship coming up in Las Vegas.

Pluck, Drink, Purge, Publish

Writer Tina Schwab profiles local author Maggie Simone and her new book on compulsive disorders

Maggie Simone needs you to know she is OK. At age 53, she leads a life so complete, so comfortable, it borders on cliché: suburban home, loving husband and children, satisfying career. And she takes none of it for granted. She even has the dog of her childhood dreams (a golden retriever, of course).

CuseFit: Syracuse Named no. 2 Most Fit

Writer Michael Richards chronicles Syracuse’s unexpected success as a gym-dandy workout mecca.

Pouring sweat and chugging electrolyte-enhanced water from a sports bottle, Solomon Bacon voiced skepticism when told that Syracuse had been named the second-most fit city in the United States, behind Portland, Ore.

Plucky Charmer Bridgid Bibbens

Weedsport-bred violinist Bridgid Bibbens displays her music gifts during her homecoming week

Bridgid Bibbens is one of the most sought-after violinists in the United States. She plays a bright pink, seven-string, fretted electric violin,  yet is also completely proficient in classical music. She’s been written about in Guitar World, is in high demand as a studio musician and has performed with artists spanning Christina Aguilera to Mary J. Blige to Jay-Z.

The Last Picture Show

Entertainment analyst Bill DeLapp bids farewell to Cinefest, which fades to black after a 35-year run

For 35 years the Syracuse Cinephile Society’s annual Cinefest confab has put the spotlight on examples of forgotten celluloid from Tinseltown’s silent and early sound eras. But all good things must come to an end, as Cinefest takes its final bow on Thursday, March 19, through Sunday, March 22, at Liverpool’s Holiday Inn, 441 Electronics Parkway.

March Sadness

Sports writer Matt Michael on the SU men’s basketball’s checkered season, which prematurely ended

For the first time since 1993, the Syracuse University men’s basketball team will not participate in a national postseason tournament (either the NCAA or NIT). And for the first time since 1979 — the year before SU joined the Big East Conference — the Orange will not play in a conference tournament.