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In Memoriam

by Staff

Remembering B.B. King, Kyle Shirley and Joe Galuski

Blues guitar legend B.B. King, 89, passed away on May 14 at his Las Vegas home. The musician was sidelined by health issues that started in October 2014, but just four months earlier he was rocking the rolling lawns at Onondaga Community College, site of the Syracuse M&T Jazz Fest. King lured more than 25,000 fans to his July 12 show to hear an evening of tunes performed on his beloved guitar Lucille. Jazz Fest founder Frank Malfitano contributed this remembrance:

Questionable Content = Evasive Answers

There’s no such thing as a stupid question?

Billions and billions of years ago, Carl Sagan asserted that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Black and White and Dead All Over

Have black people discovered the secret of eternal life?

People always complain that the media doesn’t report on good news. Always so negative, is the common complaint. So you want to hear the good news? Black people don’t die any more in Syracuse and Onondaga County. At least not very often. I learned this from reading the obituary pages of The Post- Standard, our local thrice-weekly publication.

News and Blues

Your weekly recap of weird news from around the globe.

Curses, Foiled Again A burglar used the homeowner’s devices to log on to porn, YouTube and his Facebook account, but authorities in Monroe County, Fla., quickly identified him because he forgot to log off Facebook. Sheriff’s official Becky Herrin said the 16-year-old suspect also ate a Pop Tart and drank a soda. (Miami Herald)

A Tale of Two Traffic Stops

An exchange with a “white” Syracuse policeman who, rightly and justifiably, pulled me over

Friends of Thea St. Omer, a local artist and filmmaker who passed away in her Armory Square loft in late March, will be gathering to see some of her films and paintings at the Palace Theater (2384 James Street) on Thursday May 28 from 7-10 p.m.. All are welcome to attend. This is a free event.

A Hair-Raising Experience

The first publicly owned hair transplant in American history

A few weeks ago, I announced that I’d be visiting the Great Doctor Kim, who operates an amazing, new (to this area) anti-baldness machine. Good to my word, I have since consulted the Harvard-educated healer and his crackerjack staff at the Natural Face Center in East Syracuse. Suddenly, my future looks shiny and bright.

Le Moyne Grads Oppose Commencement Cardinal

The petition has over 600 signatures of students, alumni and supporters.

With Le Moyne College’s graduation just a few days away, seniors are calling for the removal of their commencement speaker. Cardinal Timothy Dolan is the Roman Catholic archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York, and is respected in the Catholic community. But he has a checkered past, including what students say is a questionable handling of clerical sexual abuse on his watch. The controversy has led to a dialogue that many find to be in the spirit of Le Moyne’s motto: “Spirit. Inquiry. Leadership.”

Moonlighting Becomes Them

Lay off the side work.

If you would be willing to take a job that paid $79,500 a year, involved no heavy lifting and meant you could work indoors most days (except for the occasional groundbreaking ceremony), please raise your hand. I see a lot of hands going up, and I haven’t even told you about the juicy perks such as the per diem that covers food and lodging, or the extra pay you get for serving on a committee (comfy chairs provided).

Market Values

Writer Leanna Garfield profiles refugees who find community at Syracuse’s first Nepali grocery store

When loyal customer Devi Siwakoti enters the All Asian Store, the first and largest of four Nepali grocery stores in Syracuse, a thick waft of cumin, dill seeds and a sense of home greet him.