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Michael Vick Must Be So Confused

Don’t Pretend U.S. Doesn’t Torture

It’s great to have Dick Cheney back. I so enjoyed his brutal honesty and curled lip as he referred as a “bunch of crap” to the report on CIA torture issued by the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee. That is much more pleasing than the voices of supposedly “reasonable” men and women who seek nuance and end up obscuring hideous truths.

Stuck in a Purgatory of Questions About Heaven and Hell

Kramer dropped by the Rosamond Gifford Zoo last week to see what God’s creatures were saying about Pope Francis’ claim that animals go to heaven.

Pope Francis uncaged a global debate when he hinted that animals go to heaven. Whether he actually meant that sparked a secondary debate, but how curious that no media have consulted those at the center of this theological rumpus: animals themselves.

News and Blues

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Curses, Foiled Again Police accused Jeremiah Scales of selling synthetic marijuana from his girlfriend’s house in Bloomington, Ind., after a nearby sign announcing “Drugs This Way” alerted them. “Our detectives did some surveillance, as well as some buys,” police Sgt. Pam Gladish said, noting that comings and goings at all hours stood out in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. (Indianapolis’s WTHR-TV)

Sweet Nothings

Torture? The state of journalism? Nah

It’s past noon on Tuesday — this week’s New Times goes off to the printers in about five hours — and I have no idea what to write for my page 2 note (Starting Point).

Perform at the New York State Fair

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 New York State Fair

Applications are now being accepted to perform at the 2015 New York State Fair, according to Troy Waffner, Acting Director of the Fair.

Christmas and Cocktails at the Turning Stone Casino

(SocietyGurl) Celebrating the holidays at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino

TheSocietyGurl (Jamie Ann Owens) visits the Turning Stone Casino for a taste of Christmas and Cocktails!

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Talk Back with the Publisher

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#takeatour of Everson’s Festival of Trees

Everson Museum’s Festival of Trees

#takeatour of Everson Museum of Art's Festival of Trees! (running through Sunday Dec. 14)

Coach Uses F-Word in Book

Worth the read.

I’m not giving anyone the George W. Bush biography of his father for Christmas this year, but for my oldest son I did pick up the book that Jim Boeheim wrote with Jack McCallum.