More Than 20 Activities for a New CNY Autumn

Check out these activities and events for the start of autumn

Happy autumn, everyone. To celebrate, there are plenty of outdoor activities that are taking place this weekend.

Inside Track on Outside Exercise

Syracuse New Times intern Vanessa Langdon covers affordable and entertaining ways to stay in shape in Central New York.

As the summer heats up, there are lots of opportunities to work up a sweat outdoors that won’t break the bank.

Paige’s Butterfly Run

Paige’s Butterfly Run will be in full swing this saturday June 6

Chris Arnold, 56, of Baldwinsville is the President and race director of Paige’s Butterfly Run, which will enter its 19th year this Saturday, June 6, at James M. Hanley Federal Building in Syracuse, NY. Arnold’s daughter Paige died from Leukemia in 1994 while in second grade.

Clear Path Helps Veterans

Helping veterans and their families transition to a healthy, satisfying non-military life.

How do veterans respond to the wellness therapies offered at Clear Path for Veterans?

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions: Hack Your Brain

How to hack our brain to help change our habits.

We would all like to eat less, exercise more, and finally finish that project. It would be so easy if we could just change our habits to do these things.

Resolve not to Resolve

You know by now that resolutions are a setup for failure. Can you even remember what your resolution was last year?

This year will be different! This time I’ll really do it! No more sugar! No white flour! I’ll exercise every day! No more excuses!

The Healing Power of Sound

With the Monks of Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery

Sound is powerful.

Two-Wheeling in the Tundra

A Guide to Saving Money by Biking Year-round in Syracuse

If Jimmy John's delivery man, Charlie LaNoue, can deliver a hot BLT in less than 15 minutes in the snow, sleet and salt, you can consider braving the elements on two wheels too.

New Workout Method Raises the Barre

“It just really felt like the right thing.”

Not long ago, Cathy McKie was standing in front of a classroom of sixth-graders at Wellwood Middle School. Today, she’s still teaching, but in front of a wall of mirrors and a ballet barre.

Top Running and Biking Spots in CNY

According to Strava

Strava, a company that offers a free app to digitally track bike rides and runs via your smartphone or GPS system recently released a global heatmap of running and biking data using information from 77,688,848 rides and 19,660,163 runs.