Summer Times 2015: Oswego & Fulton

A great region near a great lake

The Fulton-Oswego region is filled with events to celebrate the few warm months sans lake effect snowstorms, as residents crawl out of their hibernation and party hearty. A half-hour drive from Syracuse on Interstate 690 to 481 will take you straight through the heart of Fulton into Oswego, and, if you keep going, into the depths of Lake Ontario itself.

Summer Times 2015: Thousand Islands

With a plethora of summer activities to choose from, the Thousand Islands are the place to be this summer.

The Thousand Islands region is filled with summer attractions for the adventurous traveler, the prudent sightseer and the history-seeking enthusiast. Located between Henderson Harbor and extending into Ontario, Canada, the archipelago is comprised of various communities dotting Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway, and contains 1,864 islands.

How did we get here?

The last tour blog!

I’m sitting under a blanket in Charlotte, North Carolina, thinking about how cold it is (only 64!) and relishing in the comforts of being back in a home (we are staying with my best friend from college’s parents). It’s funny how much Golden and I have come to appreciate the wonder that is staying in a house when we’re so used to our transient lifestyle – drifting from town to town, hotel to parking lot to YMCA to bar to whatever.

Words from the Road

Syracuse musicians, Jess Novak and Brian Golden, are on tour for one month. Read about it here.

I read a book early in the trip called Mutant Message Down Under. It’s about a woman who is taken in by the aboriginals of Australia and made to live completely in the wild. She goes without all the things we call “necessary” in our daily lives, or at least couldn’t imagine living without. There is no technology and barely any food, shelter, clothes or water. Yet, at the end of her journey, she’s exposed to some of the greatest secrets of humanity and learns the oneness that connects us all when we learn to go “without”, though we’re actually going very much with the most important things in life – family, friends and the non-material things that money can’t touch.

On The Road

Syracuse musicians, Jess Novak and Brian Golden, are on tour for one month. Read about it here.

I’ve done a month on the road before and I do recall the time-warp sensation. When you don’t know exactly where you’re coming from, going to, who you’re staying with, what you’re eating, how much money you’re making or spending – every day feels incredibly long. Any normal schedule is thrown to the wind and even the plans that seem concrete can crumble at any moment due to weather, traffic, car problems or personality conflicts. The road is a wildly unpredictable place. Yet, when looking back, the time seems to have flown by.

North to the Future

Travel to Alaska

The 49th star to our flag and the destination frozen at the top of many bucket lists, Alaska, recently melted the expectations of a group of travelers. This frigid fortress is comprised of 65% national parks, 20% state parks and local land and only about 15% privately owned.

The Green Mountain State

Vermont, naturally.

“Avoid clichés,” said every writing teacher I've ever had.

How safe is Cancun?

(Travel) Would we return from this trip?

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The Trip that Almost Wasn’t

(Travel) A trip to Ireland

It was the trip that almost wasn’t.