Hot Wheels Return to Syracuse Nationals

The Syracuse Nationals car show will take place July 17 through 19 at the New York State Fairgrounds

Start revving up your engines: Thousands of hot rods and their drivers will be rolling into the New York State Fairgrounds this weekend for the annual Syracuse Nationals.

The Espresso Shot (#013)

It’s time to go car shopping, Central New York!

The topic of cars are still fresh, it's time to talk shop about the chore of picking out a new vehicle. My car was determined "totaled," that two-syllable word that no one wants to hear, but it's the ripping the band-aid right off. No one enjoys having to feel that sickening feeling while wading in that two-second pool of silence for a breath-pulling number.

The 2014 Syracuse Nationals (Photos)

See photos from the 2014 Syracuse Nationals

Syracuse New Times photographer Michael Davis was at the 2014 Syracuse Nationals with his camera in hand. See his photos below.

A Day at the Races

Let’s Go Racing!

Thousands of Central New Yorkers come out during racing season, weather permitting, to watch the competition on local paved and dirt tracks. The tracks represented on these pages are Brewerton Speedway, Oswego Speedway and Utica-Rome Speedway.

PHOTOS: Racing for Mobile

PHOTOS: Racing for mobile.

Michael Davis Photos | Syracuse New Times Click Here to see Michael's "A Day at the Races" Photo Essay

Paradise by the dashboard light?

by Staff

(Auto) A sex-and-cars myth bites the dust

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Don’t Stop Washing Your Car Just Yet

by Staff

(Auto) A car you don’t have to wash?

A car you don’t have to wash? Even if it’s a white car you just drove through the mud? Or got splattered with motor oil, bird droppings, tree sap? You get the idea.

Show us your Muscle

by Staff

(Auto) Here are a few highlights from the muscle of the show

The New York International Auto Show, which opened last weekend, is featuring plenty of family cars we’ll actually drive, with new models for Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Jeep Renegade and Suburu Outback. Fine, dependable family cars. Responsible cars.


by Staff

(Auto) The iconic Ford Mustang turns 50 this week.

The iconic Ford Mustang turns 50 this week, and Ford’s planning plenty of buck wild celebrations.

(Auto) What Does Made in America Really Mean?

by Staff

(Auto) Ford or Chevy – which is more American?

So, you want to buy a car made in America. Does that mean made by an American company? Made by an American company but assembled in Mexico? Made by a foreign company assembled in America?