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New York Skies is a weekly blog exploring UFO related news and events, sightings and reports from New York State.

2011 UFO: The Nissequogue UFO Incident

Consider this account and photo of the Nissequogue UFO incident.

It was late August 2011, Puerto Rico and the Great Antilles had been battered by a category three hurricane; that storm’s name was Hurricane Irene. Coastal areas up the eastern seaboard braced for the worst as the storm and it’s 120 mph winds made its way northward, causing significant storm surge and coastal flooding. On the north shore of Long Island, the Suffolk County bayside community of Nissequogue, NY (pronounced NISS-ə-kwog) was dealing with surge flooding.

19th Century UFOs in New York State

Consider for a moment 19th Century UFOs in New York State.

A month doesn’t go by that someone contacts me and pronounces that UFOs are hogwash and simply some sort of mass hysteria or urban legend propagated since about 1940s. These individuals usually go to great verbose lengths to assure me that UFOs sightings are a recent occurrence over the past seventy years or so.

Two Bright Red UFOs at 10 O’Clock High

Check out this story of a man who saw a pair of bright red UFOs.

In early November 2014, Charles exited Interstate-84 westbound at exit 17 for Holmes, N.Y. As he came to a stop at the end of the ramp, facing north, he observed two bright red UFOs in the sky ahead of him, at about 10 o'clock high.

A 1790 Colonial UFO Sighting

He was playing his fiddle and an became witness to a 1790 Colonial UFO Sighting

He was playing his fiddle and an became witness to a 1790 Colonial UFO Sighting

Rectangle UFO over the Power Lines

A father and son observe a rectangular-shaped UFO

A father and son never expected to see a rectangle UFO over the power lines.

It’s Time to End the Truth Embargo on UFOS!

A call for hearings

Dear readers of New York Skies,

The Great River Triangle UFOs

The central southern shore of Long Island, NY

On the central southern shore of Long Island, NY is an interesting nexus of UFO sightings, which I like to refer to as the Great River Triangle.

The Spinning Boomerang UFO

A Catskills outing features a Spinning Boomerang UFO

Who knew a Catskills outing to enjoy the fall leaves would feature a Spinning Boomerang UFO.

A Family Observes Disk Shaped Object

A 1994 Sighting

It was just an ordinary evening when a Hudson Valley family witnessed a disk shaped object in the night.

The Cross in the Sky Phenomena

Occurrences of crosses in the sky

Throughout history there have been reported occurrences of crosses in the sky.