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New York Skies discusses UFO related news and events, sightings and reports from New York State every week.

UFO Sighting 1999 – A Cluster of Twenty Lights

While driving she noticed some moving lights in the southeastern sky

It was an October surprise for a young couple to witness a UFO Cluster of Twenty Lights.

2012 UFO – A Big Purple Mothership

“It was enormous; it was longer than our 10 acre field.”

A Big Purple Mothership was the last thing Lenny expected to see when he went out four-wheeling.

UFO 1988 – A Reddish-Orange Thing, the Size of an Aircraft Carrier

It’s high season for sightings

Grace never expected to see a UFO, the size of an aircraft carrier

1800 UFO – Researching a Classic Hudson Valley Alien Abduction?

Our ancient ancestors weren’t idiots

This investigative adventure of researching a Classic Hudson Valley Alien Abduction began innocently enough in a college level Literature class in the fall of 2013. The focus of the class was studying short story fiction. In the class we had to read about 30 short stories and of course write story reports on several and write a term paper on one.

1964 UFO – A Spiritual UFO Close Encounter

Two teenagers went Trick or Treating and had spiritual UFO Close Encounter.

“This happened fifty years ago in Rockville Center, NY, I was thirteen years old when it happened,” Alice explained.

1976 UFO – The UFO Spheres of Broome County

It sort of looked like a big disco sphere

For nearly forty years folks in Broome County have been seeing UFO Spheres.

1977 UFO – The Flying Saucer

It must have been some sort of telepathy

When Michael went out to catch pond critters, he never imagined that he'd catch a flying saucer.

Pine Bush – New York’s UFO Capital, or Not

Using the combined databases, the score shakes out like this

Pine Bush - New York’s UFO Capital, that's what people were telling back in April. They all said I should go to the Pine Bush UFO Fair. To be honest with you I had not heard of Pine Bush, New York prior to that. Then my editor mentions Pine Bush to me as well. Unfortunately by the time I got around to researching it, the one-day festival had come and gone.

2014 UFO – Current Sighting Trends

Global sightings are up 12%

We are nearly half way through 2014 and the current sighting trends for UFOs have increased.

1965 UFO – The Flying Saucer Whisperer

One incident changed forever the way I looked at things

It was a seasonal evening in June 1965, when a couple of school teachers witnessed the Flying Saucer Whisperer.