Inevitable Coffee Ring

15 Years Within a 15K

The Ice Cream Kids Club’s ‘Ice Cream Run’

We all love ice cream, some of us more than others, and this includes the lactose intolerant folk living on the edge - they know ice cream is worth it. How can you not take advantage of an ice cream outing during the summer and fall months when weather is appropriate and homemade ice cream flavors shift appropriately? But you don't have to be a kid to fully enjoy the ice cream experience; there are the adults who cannot resist sprinkles or eating their frozen treat and embracing their inner child, forgetting where their mouth is. And speaking of inner child, this proved to be a meditative trip down memory lane.

The Espresso Shot (#021)

Welcome back to dating

It's perfect timing to have someone close to you say they know a "secret" about you as your mouth chomps on an apple. There is reason why the quotation marks are in bold - for emphasis. There are a variety of scenarios that can then take place, a variety of scenarios that can play out:

A Mansion of Possibility

The Barnes-Hiscock Mansion was built in 1853

For those who read my posts, there is a strong affinity for preservation in regard to the environment and history. In Europe, buildings are preserved as is and the innards of the buildings are utilized as is. Where there are ruins found in Italy, the ruins are accommodated and construction is worked around the sites. Although our country's history isn't as long as Europe's countries, we still have many enriching aspects.

The Espresso Shot (#020)


Sometimes you have to sit or stand in quiet. Sometimes if you focus on something long enough, an answer or an idea or something will come to you. It's a trance-like state, and people will get over your looking like a wide-eyed weirdo. And looking upon that wide-eyed weirdo - that is you - it's to realize you are ... as we (all) are ... our own worst enemies.

Three Minutes of Your Time

Romantic love is an obsession.

Love, as we all know it - let's be honest for a quick second, and let's acknowledge that we'll never fully understand the concept - is a wonderful thing. We've read about Romeo falling for Juliet, Florentino and Fermina (Love in the Time of Cholera) acknowledge this at a young age and Anderson told us the tragic tale of a mermaid falling in love with a human - a tale that was tweaked to please all of us Disney adorers out there. In films: Lloyd Dobler taught us the importance of being true to and to even laugh at yourself, The Notebook showed us love can last beyond death and (500) Days of Summer reminded us that we can fall in and lose love a few times over ... because we're human.

The Espresso Shot (#019)

This is one of those moments

This photograph caught my attention not too long ago, and it struck a chord. The affect that it had allowed my living to be put on hold for a moment, and that brief moment felt as if it were projected as long as hours. And this is a part of life - a stunning aspect that can generate so many raw and pure feelings that may be easily forgotten about as soon as you wake up the next day. The dock is perfectly captured, and it's just enough. The pristine mirror of the lake. This is one of those moments that you want to stand on that dock with your toes gripping the edge of it while you stare down at your reflection. Maybe you - in a moment of letting go mentally and physically - you allow yourself to just fall face-first into the lake. You can't wake up, or don't allow yourself to wake up, if you're already living in a dream.

Ironwood is Solid

“an experience that is truly unique”

The night seeing Boyhood at the Manlius Art Cinema generated a great desire to check out Ironwood, which rests on the corner at 145 East Seneca Street. And this desire and decision was made at first glance. Since that day, there would be consistent discussion about going to Ironwood. Since Boyhood is still playing at MAC, the soon-to-be-shown Cavalry would have made the perfect kill-two-birds-with-one-stone night out in the town. But our impatience got the best due to matters of the heart: food.

The Espresso Shot (#018)

The Mischief of Our Stars

Is it convenient or happenstance that one comes across a phonograph on the corner of Perseverance Park? There could be many places for such unconventional convenience. It's resisting to place that needle on the spinning record that's the difficult part. Not having a soundtrack feels empty, sometimes.

It’s Breakfast, You Champion

It’s important to start the day off well

Good morning, you beautiful person. Regardless on how you look upon rolling out of bed -- the makeup you missed is smeared, you have linen lines (or carpet pattern) on your face, and/or your hair is sticking up in different directions -- you can fake whine all you want in front of that mirror, but you have to get moving and out that door.

The Espresso Shot (#017)

A third person perspective

"One night I woke up in a room in which a cage with a bird sleeping in it had been placed. A magnificent error caused me to see an egg in the cage instead of the vanished bird. I then grasped a new and astonishing poetic secret, for the shock which I experienced had been provoked precisely by the affinity of two objects -- the cage and the egg - to each other, whereas previously this shock had been caused by my bringing together two object that were unrelated."