#takeatour Buy Local

What does it mean to “Buy Local?”

Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses sits down for a chat with Chris Fowler from Syracuse First to talk LOCAL!

Rectangle UFO over the Power Lines

A father and son observe a rectangular-shaped UFO

A father and son never expected to see a rectangle UFO over the power lines.

The Espresso Shot (#029)

Beef With Cheddar Makes It Better at Clark’s Ale House

Sometimes a writer needs a place to sit, abandon the coffee or tea and opt for a cask craft, to look at a piano and stare at it and debate whether to play it. Sometimes this place is not the most conventional or the most quiet (but has its moments), but there is a comfortable  seat available in a quiet nook. And if food is either not an option or you're full, a handful of peanuts is within an arms reach. The cracking of the legumes not only disrupts silence, but it is a stress reliever: and there is a just reward within the shell of constructive channeling. And this is the only beginning of Clark's Ale House.

Choosing Paths

An evening at The Blue Tusk

The populated backroom of The Blue Tusk was filled with friends, strangers, and family members (not my own). As the group waited for our friend to arrive for her surprise 30th birthday, it was nice to take a moment of time to reflect on the fact that, aside the bleakness this Central New York city may present at times, my staying put is primarily due to having family and friends around. And, to them, I raise my glass.

#takeatour of Lights on the Lake

#takeatour explores Lights on the Lake

Join Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses Tours as he explores Lights on the Lake - an annual holiday tradition in Central New York.

Life Through the Good Eye

Being grateful at every age

In my 30's and 40's I rather enjoyed shoveling snow. In fact I was actually grateful for the excuse to exercise while getting a chore done. It was a two for one. Once in my 50's, I was grateful that several of my neighbors were kind enough to run their snow blowers up and down the driveway every time the snowflakes fell, because my aging bones were not really enjoying the chore any longer. Now that I'm in my 60's, I 'm rather grateful to be heading south each year just before the first snowflake falls, to spend my winters in the sun.

It’s Time to End the Truth Embargo on UFOS!

A call for hearings

Dear readers of New York Skies,

The Espresso Shot (#028)

It’s about quality, not quantity

The initial thought was to head over to Clark Reservation, but my first decision was Pratt's Falls. Apparently the park closes in November. I should have looked up this information prior, but who would do that research beforehand? Others people were gathered and cars were huddled around the entrance; this is supposedly a legitimate thing.

NaNoWriMo Uh-Oh

November is National Novel Writing Month

Henry David Thoreau's Walden was written over the course of almost a decade, and this was during and after he spent time in a cabin by a pond. Jack Kerouac kept notebooks of his travels in the 1940's, and then he typed the manifesto that is On the Road on a scroll in the early 1950's. Although the time it took Hemingway to write The Old Man and the Sea was shorter than it took Sam Clemons to write The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, both are dignified classics.

#takeatour of Syracuse Beer

#takeatour of Beer in Syracuse!

Join Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses Tours as he explores the history of beer making in Syracuse, NY.