The Weekend Blend

Ah, Syracuse, don’t you just know it?

This weekend was typical to the point where life felt cryptic. And that's about it.

TheSocietyGurl: Local Love at The Salt Market

by Staff

TheSocietyGurl Adventures!

TheSocietyGurl adventures are colorful, always spontaneous and fun!  Join Jamie Ann Owens in her travels around Central New York and beyond... you never know what other happenings she might be sharing next!

#takeatour of the McGinn-Arnold Haunted House

Video tours of Central New York

Join Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses Tours at the McGinn-Arnold Haunted House (123 - 129 Loomis Ave., Syracuse). The McGinn-Arnold Haunted House is a community sponsored haunted house. (October 18 & 25, 7 -10pm)

The Cross in the Sky Phenomena

Occurrences of crosses in the sky

Throughout history there have been reported occurrences of crosses in the sky.

The Espresso Shot (#024)

Reflections of Italy

Five years ago and around this time (October), I somehow ended up in Italy. Home base was Toscolano-Maderno, but my cousin and I ventured. After conversing with my distant cousin earlier that year, he convinced me to buy a ticket to secure a visit. Although simply purchasing the ticket wouldn't technically set anything in stone, personal determination was prominent enough to secure that. The trip itself was intentionally Northern Italy and family heavy (for obvious reasons) prior to ending the last three days in Rome - tourism was inevitable.

Beyond Our Control

Everything happens for a reason

On Friday, some regular Joe was passing by while en route to the exit. Skaneateles' LakeHouse Pub was crowded, filled with what could presumably be the standard end-of-the-week crowd. Some members of a wedding party trickled in. There was no music, but dissonant noise of vocal bar patrons harmonized: talking through drinks and drinks talking through them, talk of love and the love of talk, and the boisterously silent that stirred the place more than the cute brunette, who was cheering for her baseball team amidst the conversation.

#takeatour of Seward House Museum

#takeatour of Seward House Museum

Join Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses Tours at the Seward House Historic Museum in Auburn, New York.

UFOs and Deep Water Lakes – What’s the Connection with New York?

Deep water lakes around the world have an unusual amount of UFO sightings

For years it has been noted by UFO experts that areas near many deep water lakes around the world have an unusual amount of UFO sightings. These deep water lakes seem to be a magnet to UFO’s. There are many reports that some UFO leave the sky and enter the water, therefore becoming Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs.  So what does this have to do with New York State?

A Reason to the Season

This season is the season of letting go, letting things fall away.

Fall forward! It’s the time of year for football, fires, and fierce fall colors! The trees are ablaze showcasing the brilliance of their leaves as beacons of seasonal change. I marvel at the emotional intelligence of these forest dwellers. Deep within the DNA of each tree there is a sacred and wise instinct responding to the shorter days of sunlight as the process of photosynthesis winds down. The chlorophyll that gives the leaves their green glow in the summer reduces and the trees know it’s time to rest and live off the food they’ve stored in their roots for the winter days ahead.

The Espresso Shot (#023)

We’re all ugly when we wake up.

In regard to writing about brain farts, in regard to an upcoming Halloween, in regard to Syracuse Fashion Week's Syracuse Snarl event, and in regard to a New York Times writer's (Steven Kurutz) opinion that writing content for personal style blog  is "as simple as getting dressed in the morning" (Kurutz) ... let's talk about getting dressed in the morning.