2000 UFO – The Adirondack Formation of Lights

It was a clear night sky at an Adirondacks camp at Long Lake

In the sparsely populated Adirondack north country of New York State, various campers and residents were treated to The Adirondack Formation of Lights.

The Espresso Shot (#020)


Sometimes you have to sit or stand in quiet. Sometimes if you focus on something long enough, an answer or an idea or something will come to you. It's a trance-like state, and people will get over your looking like a wide-eyed weirdo. And looking upon that wide-eyed weirdo - that is you - it's to realize you are ... as we (all) are ... our own worst enemies.

Three Minutes of Your Time

Romantic love is an obsession.

Love, as we all know it - let's be honest for a quick second, and let's acknowledge that we'll never fully understand the concept - is a wonderful thing. We've read about Romeo falling for Juliet, Florentino and Fermina (Love in the Time of Cholera) acknowledge this at a young age and Anderson told us the tragic tale of a mermaid falling in love with a human - a tale that was tweaked to please all of us Disney adorers out there. In films: Lloyd Dobler taught us the importance of being true to and to even laugh at yourself, The Notebook showed us love can last beyond death and (500) Days of Summer reminded us that we can fall in and lose love a few times over ... because we're human.

#takeatour of SALT Makerspace

Syracuse Arts Learning & Technology

Join Christi Smith and Michael John Heagerty of NOexcuses as they #takeatour of SALT Makerspace.

1957 UFO – A Brass Colored Disc Over Lake Erie

Steven looked up to see a brass colored disc.

A high school student witnesses a brass colored disc over Lake Erie but it would be 57 years before we would know the depth of his sighting.

The Espresso Shot (#019)

This is one of those moments

This photograph caught my attention not too long ago, and it struck a chord. The affect that it had allowed my living to be put on hold for a moment, and that brief moment felt as if it were projected as long as hours. And this is a part of life - a stunning aspect that can generate so many raw and pure feelings that may be easily forgotten about as soon as you wake up the next day. The dock is perfectly captured, and it's just enough. The pristine mirror of the lake. This is one of those moments that you want to stand on that dock with your toes gripping the edge of it while you stare down at your reflection. Maybe you - in a moment of letting go mentally and physically - you allow yourself to just fall face-first into the lake. You can't wake up, or don't allow yourself to wake up, if you're already living in a dream.

Ironwood is Solid

“an experience that is truly unique”

The night seeing Boyhood at the Manlius Art Cinema generated a great desire to check out Ironwood, which rests on the corner at 145 East Seneca Street. And this desire and decision was made at first glance. Since that day, there would be consistent discussion about going to Ironwood. Since Boyhood is still playing at MAC, the soon-to-be-shown Cavalry would have made the perfect kill-two-birds-with-one-stone night out in the town. But our impatience got the best due to matters of the heart: food.

2014 UFO – Three Triangles Over Lake Ontario

Sighting of three triangles over Lake Ontario

On 25 August, little did Gordon realize that a routine chore with his dogs would lead to a sighting of three triangles over Lake Ontario.

Treat me like a stranger

A look at how we treat the ones we love

When I was a child my mother could be yelling at us girls at the top of her lungs, but if the phone rang she picked it up without skipping a beat and sweetly said, "Hello who is calling please?"  I always marveled at how quickly she could go from furious at us, to charming to the stranger on the other end of the wire.  She was miraculously and instantly able to change her tone and emotional fury to kindness in seconds. I often thought  my mother could have starred in Sybil and won an Oscar. In fact I used to imitate her, "I told you girls to clean your rooms!  Now get up there NOW and…..ring ring….Hello, oh how nice to hear from you, so sweet of you to call……"   I realize that my mother was no different than any other mother.  I could do the same thing when my children were little. It's a prerequisite  for every mom to be able to to do that.  I remember one time in particular when I was livid with one of my kids. I was yelling at the top of my lungs when the door bell rang and it was my preacher.  My whole persona changed instantaneously.

The Great New York State Fair; my memories

Fair thee well!

Nothing marks the end of summer in CNY as the Great New York State Fair! It’s summer’s last hurrah for those of us who grew up here and continue to call this upstate location home.