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SU fashion seniors debut inspired collections

SU Senior Collection Fashion Show

The loud noise of Jessica Wolfe’s sewing machine is nothing compared to the ball of nerves inside of her. Beautiful mustard colored fabric is strewn about and cutouts of pieces for a jacket are meticulously lying on the table. Her other designs proudly hang nearby. She is nearly finished with her collection, yet her work will never be done.

Picture Perfect

Art by Nottingham graduates highlighted in local gallery

Breakout photography students Amrita Stuetzle and Ana Thor began working for Light Work Gallery, a local artist-run, non-profit organization, during their junior year at Nottingham High School. The gallery is in the Robert B. Menschel Media Center on the Syracuse University campus.

CNY Playhouse: Year One

The company opened its doors November 2012.

Lights hanging from the ceiling. Two transformable stages that linger with the freshness of performing talent. Props and costumes strewn about on tables and floors. This is the Central New York Playhouse the night after a show. The spirit of the theater remains even after the show is done. And just to add an unusual touch, this all took place in a mall.

Hip-Hop Hooray

World of Music has been serving up grooves to the community for 16 years

Walking into World of Music is like walking into a hip-hop safe haven.

Out Flanking

SU football players react to Michael Sam announcement

“Coming out” has been coined as America’s term for publicly displaying your sexual preference. There are only two reactions that one can expect when making this announcement: acceptance or rejection. In men’s athletics, this can either be a burden released or a controversy unleashed.

Life is Her Cabaret

Manhattan-based singer Marissa Mulder comes home to perform Valentine’s weekend shows at the Redhouse.

Good music will always be good music and Marissa Mulder’s is good music. This sultry songbird and actor from Syracuse is making her mark in the New York City cabaret music industry, one enchanting song at a time.

Deep Freeze

Warm-weather SU students try to cope with the season.

The coldest winter ever. Well, maybe not ever. For residents of Central New York, the January cold snap is close to the norm, and maybe not all that bad.