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On a Mission

Nuns based on Syracuse’s North Side help children in Kenya.

Helping the children The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, based on Syracuse’s North Side, recently offered to help immigrant children detained at the southern border as they seek asylum in the United States. Writer Toni Guidice examines the order’s dedication to help children elsewhere in the world. (Reporter’s note: The recent offer by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities to house undocumented immigrant children did not surprise me. In March, I had the opportunity to spend time with two Franciscan nuns who run a primary school and trade school in Timau, Kenya. When there is need, the sisters step up and step in. They are making a difference for children around the world.)

Minister Blames Uganda’s Anti-Gay Sentiments on U.S. Evangelical Ministers

Kiyimba is in Syracuse to ask for help.

For years, Rev. Mark Kiyimba has witnessed what could be called the moral colonization of Uganda.

The Home My VW Van Built

Charity benefits the giver, too

THE END OF THE ROAD My 1976 Volkswagen van broke down often. The rollaway roof leaked when it rained. In winter, the heater lightly puffed lukewarm air. I was barely able to shift because I drove swathed in blankets.