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The Other Guys

Le Moyne’s student-athletes toil away from the big dollars and bright lights

Editor’s note: Every basketball season, the Syracuse University Orange captures the attention of fans in its quest to reach the Final Four. But across town is another group of athletes working just as hard. Reporter Stephen Cohen spent some time with the Dolphins in the spring.

Jackie Unchained

A new book published by Syracuse University Press gives us a fuller picture of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is a true American hero. No one can honestly argue otherwise. In Syracuse, we might even call him a local hero if we were willing to stretch the meaning a bit: The Montreal Royals, the Brooklyn Dodgers’ minor-league affiliate with whom Robinson broke the professional color line,  played in Syracuse against the Chiefs during his tenure with the team. The Royals eventually moved to Syracuse, becoming the current incarnation of the Chiefs in 1961.

Melting Pot

It’s not a unique story – but it is, indeed, uniquely American.

Syracuse native Bill Rezak is the first to admit that his family’s history might not be exactly novel. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not worth telling.