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Symphoria Program Aims to Help Children Learn

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Symphoria remains committed to re-establishing a fine orchestra in Syracuse

Symphoria will visit at least four middle schools in the coming school year to put its music-making skills to use in the classroom.

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Best of Syracuse Selfie Contest

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#BestOfSyr #BestOfSyracuse

What is your favorite NYS Fair Food? Do you want to see a special someone win Best Localist or Best CNY Ambassador? Who serves the Best Coffee? Where is your favorite park?

Jeff Kramer completes the ALS #icebucketchallenge

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…at Onondaga Lake?

Jeff Kramer completed the ALS #icebucketchallenge on the shores of Onondaga Lake after being nominated by Judge James H. Cecile.

We Want You to Vote for Best of Syracuse

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Nominate! Vote! Celebrate!

Let Your Voice Be Heard Cast a ballot for the annual Best of Syracuse® awards

Cuse Comedy Showcase

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Comedians compete for cash prizes.

The Central New York Playhouse, now in year two at it's home in Shoppingtown Mall, produces a variety of entertainment outside of the regularly scheduled season of musicals and dramas. In their latest effort to provide "a venue uniquely dedicated to local performers and theatrical entertainment" CNYP presents the new "Cuse Comedy Showcase," where comedians from Central and Upstate New York will compete for cash prizes.

Of, By and For the People, Not the Corporations

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We note the difficult task the justices are asked to perform because, of course, we feel the need to raise questions about some of their recent choices.

When a case lands in the U.S. Supreme Court, it’s rarely as simple as, say, enforcing a claim to freedom of speech under the First Amendment, or a claim to access to firearms under the Second.

Lesbian Mothers Forced to Choose Their Lovers or Their Children

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Summer Performance Tour Promotes Dialogue on Race

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From the Back of the Bus Comes Back

Auditions for cast and crew Saturday June 28 (See Below)  The Media Unit’s tenth annual summer performance tour for the Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs this year is produced in collaboration with InterFaith Works to promote a dialog on race.

Sexual Assault Is Too Often Treated Like No Big Deal

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“Analysts say crimes against women are on the rise as more young women leave their homes to join the work force in India’s booming economy, even as deep-rooted social attitudes that women are inferior remain unchanged. Many families look down on women, viewing the girl child as a burden that forces them to pay a huge dowry to marry her off.” – Associated Press

Oh, we Americans were so smug.