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Waxing Nostalgic

There is still time for a last run before the ski season ends

For sure, the season is winding down. Several ski centers have been closing at night, shortening hours and are getting ready to pull the plug. You might not like it, but the harsh reality is unless they have marketing staffs who can create reasons for riders to visit, then their business model tells them to close. It doesn’t pay to keep the lights on when nobody is showing up.

Skiers have much to enjoy even as the season slowly winds down

Hope Springs Eternal

It’s both the best of times and worst of times. It’s a tale of changing conditions. The good news is that there are fewer crowds, short or no lift lines, lower prices and some epic days left in the season. The bad news is that rain, fog, and just plain miserable conditions can cause sadness, depression and heartache.

First Tracks – Hanging Out

Get off the couch! Hit the slopes!

So February is more than half over, it’s winter break for many schools in the area, and the Winter Gods have provided some much-needed snow cover for us in CNY. Here’s few suggestions at this point in the season. Try something different- be it ski area, downhill method or snow sport venue.

Whistler Stopped

A heart attack on a British Columbia mountain leads to quick response time by the resort’s staff.

In the first renderings of this series, I suggested that the planning of at least one long “road trip” should start very early preseason. In my case, it started in the summer with the good guidance of the Onondaga Ski Club's trip committee. Destination: Whistler/Blackcomb, in British Columbia. This place has long been on my list to get to. I signed up, along with two friends and neighbors and accompanied 29 others from New York.

Greek Peak’s new owners make changes

Grecian Formula: Restoring the resort’s luster

I learned to ski at Greek Peak. My first time out wasn’t kind or gentle. School friends got me and my rental equipment up the only chair lift at the time, to the top of the mountain. The only good news was that they didn’t take me down the Atlas, a black diamond trail, but down Castor, an easier trail. Having neglected to teach me how to stop, my first run must have taken all morning, but I was hooked for life.

Nearing Nirvana

The quartet of local ski areas makes for quick getaways

We’re fortunate here in Central New York to have several ski and snowboard areas within an hour’s drive. Most riders eventually land and stay at one local area for several reasons. Many look into “program passes” that allow season-long riding on a particular day. If you plan to take the sport seriously, just do the math. Before committing to a season pass at one area, however, you should give them all a try. Here’s a look at the four nearest areas.

Flake Effect

Gore and Whiteface offer ski pleasures without long driving times

In the Nov. 27 column “Road Trip,” I took you “out west,” to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville. In this installment, I suggest going east and north, within a reasonable driving distance.

Road Trip

A primer on Ellicottville’s Holiday Valley, just a three-hour drive from Syracuse

One of my favorite things about snow sports is heading out with friends or family for a two-night trip by car to somewhere within reasonable striking distance. By that I mean a jaunt of three hours of drive time, give or take. Take vacation day(s), sick day(s), mental health day(s), but go during the week to avoid crowds. Go to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville.