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Amazon Studios’ Newsest Additions

Amazon Studios prepares another batch of shows for the start of 2016

Every six months, Amazon Studios, the production arm of the mammoth retail site Amazon, posts several pilot episodes of shows in early development. These pilots are open for viewing and allow the Amazon audience to vote on which are greenlit for a full season. Amazon's sixth pilot season was opened for viewing and voting on Nov. 5.

Aziz Ansari: Master of Diversity

Netflix original series “Master of None” takes on Indian American stereotypes in a comedic fashion

If you're not watching Master of None, you need to bail on your weekend plans and get your Netflix on.

Girl is Not a Dirty Word

CBS’ “Supergirl” shows promise in the early stages of the series

It doesn't mean "less than." It doesn't mean "weak." In fact, it means more than anything else on TV right now.

Let the Mystery Sing

A fresh music score accompanies the new season of HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’

(SPOILER ALERT for HBO's The Leftovers seasons one and two.)

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers in the Arts

Sphinx looks to encourage diversity in classical music

In the mid-1990s, violinist Afa Sadykhly Dworkin, then an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, was asked to arrange a concert showcasing musicians from underrepresented minority groups. When she saw the depth of undiscovered talent, she had one question: "Why are they underrepresented?"

‘Blindspot’ flips the script, keeps viewers hooked

Blindspot is a pleasant surprise for TV writer Sarah Hope

Too many shows begin with a woman's body in a bag. The pretty girl; the good girl; whom everyone loves; raped, murdered and chopped to bits; shoved in a bag.

Viola Davis, Priyanka Chopra and Harriet Tubman: Erasing the Line

Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards further broke down the color barrier in television

History was made Sunday night at the Primetime Emmy Awards, when Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy for a lead role in a television drama. "It's 2015!" you say. "How could it have taken this long?" you ask. Your guess is as good as mine.

Best and Worst Moments of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, so far

What Stephen Colbert has done right so far, and what he could’ve done without

Nation, it's official. Stephen Colbert has transitioned from his narcissistic conservative pundit character to classy late night host. The transition has by no means been smooth and is not yet complete, but he's well on his way.

Cord cutter’s Guide to Fall TV

Check out what’s available to watch away from the cable box this fall season

As we enter the most jam-packed TV premiere month of the year, there are decisions to be made.

Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ Will Feed Your Addiction

Netflix’s newest series, ‘Narcos,’ looks to bank off the success of other recent drug-related TV series

Modern TV audiences are addicted to drugs. We love to see how they screw everything up, drive people to desperation and death, and — perhaps most of all — how they bring nobodies to the seat of power.