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The Elements of Magic

Part 1

By Tom Magnarelli The Redhouse performed Metamorphoses in May. The play is a modern retelling, highlighted through dance, of the myths of first century Roman poet, Ovid. Josh Reid, the production manager, talks about the challenges of building an eight by twelve foot wooden pool on the Redhouse MainStage filled with 2,400 gallons of water.

Only More Relevant: Part 5


By Tom Magnarelli    In our last chapter of this series, Michael Raver, who played Laertes, talks about how he inhabits his character and the other Shakespearean productions he's seen with various twists. Rachel Torba-Grage, who played Gertrude, talks about her difficulties getting into acting later in life and the support she received from the professionals.

Only More Relevant: Part 4

(VIDEO) Redhouse Series

By Tom Magnarelli Katie Gibson, who played Ophelia, talks about how she wanted to bring strength and anger to a character many believe to be weak and subservient.

Only More Relevant (Part 3)

(VIDEO) Redhouse Series

By Tom Magnarelli Steve Hayes, who plays Polonius, talks about the ups and downs in his career as a professional actor in New York City.

Only More Relevant: Part 2

The joys of playing the bad guy

By Tom Magnarelli

Only More Relevant: Part 1

“Hamlet” with an 80′s twist.

By Tom Magnarelli

Summer at Redhouse

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A Year with Frog and Toad Preview

A Year with Frog and Toad

The Redhouse Arts Center is partnering with Arc of Onondaga and Elmcrest Children's Center on "A Year with Frog and Toad" as part of the District Festival.

Metamorphoses Trailer

(Redhouse T.V.)

The nonprofit Redhouse Arts Center is proud to present

Metamorphoses Preview

Sneak peek of Metamorphoses at the Redhouse!

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