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Book Beat

Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series brings acclaimed authors to town

Every year, world-famous authors come to Syracuse to speak and impart their wisdom. It’s a chance to hear from the creators of works that have reached millions of people.

Spacey Invaders

Everson show looks at 40 years of video games

Chris Melissinos, the creator of the exhibit The Art of Video Games at the Everson Museum of Art, aims to make video games as respected as any other artwork and to open new experiences for people of all ages.

Dig the New Digs

WCNY to unveil downtown facility

As you walk into the main reception area in WCNY’s new building in downtown Syracuse, you are greeted by a host of colors that evoke the color bar test seen on television sets. Large windows dominate the walls around the clean, concrete floors. Underneath the main stairwell lies an old wooden plow, a reminder of the building’s function before WCNY’s renovation.