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Does Johnny Depp make a madcap, slapstick British ‘Mortdecai’ work?

Even with a mustache that makes Gwyneth Paltrow gag and a tooth gap that looks like rogue spinach?

Now I know what it's like to be an upper crust English guy born into money and privilege but scurrying around trying to keep his wife happy and the manor under their feet.

So many shoot their mouths off about ‘American Sniper’

Yes, it’s damn glorious that we’re free to argue about it all

American Sniper has become the movie folks love to love or love to hate.

‘American Sniper’ shows hell of war

Eastwood, Cooper, Miller take on a legend of killing

American Sniper was always going to haul the weight of a nation on its shoulders theater to theater even before Thursday morning's announcement officially anointed the movie about the life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle as a big daddy with six nominations, including for best picture.

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ won’t come until 2017

James Cameron announces the big ’2′ won’t come until late 2017

It is a movie that got many, many folks all geeked up about what can be done depicting a futuristic world with cutting-edge cinematic technology.

The long, slow buzz of ‘Inherent Vice’

If you’re expecting quick ha-ha’s, think again

If it were merely the sizzle, pace and gags of the trailer for Inherent Vice that drew you to the Saturday matinee at the Regal chain in Destiny USA amid a big post-New Year crowd -- with only scattered top-section singles seats left, later comers were spilling into the lower level -- you may have left cussing.

Imagine your favorite ‘Guardians’ as Saturday morning cartoons

Director James Gunn Hanna-Barbera’d his gang on Facebook

The Guardians of the Galaxy social media publicity machine is still cranking strong, even though the calendar now reads 2015 and it's been almost forever in movie time since the Marvel Universe released that one. (That would be July 21, 2014, for those of you keeping score at home.)

I do my part for America and go see ‘The Interview’

Everybody’s free to laugh…if they want

I chuckled for freedom Friday afternoon in the multiplex in Auburn, N.Y. Grimaced a little, too. Groaned a time or two.

Top 10 Worst Films of 2014

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal should still be embarrassed – because I am

Happy New Year! As the floats covered with flowers bring their sweet smell to the Rose Parade out there in Pasadena, I bring to you my 10 biggest stinkers of the 52 first-run movies Hollywood put in front of my eyes for my weekly Monday film reviews here in 2014.

In ‘Big Eyes’ everybody can see the art in Burton’s vision

Margaret Keane comes out the winner on the big screen, too

In Big Eyes, celebrity producer and director Tim Burton allows us a fascinating look into the worlds of love and hate and how two people can so completely, thoroughly, convincingly, build their own bridges from one to the other.

Top 10 Films for 2014 starts with the tasty ‘Chef’

And the dessert of the Top 10 is “The Hundred Foot Journey”

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... to present Syracuse New Times movie-lovers with my Top 10 films list carefully culled from my first full campaign of  film writing every Thursday and Monday on