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Kevin Costner’s conviction as NFL GM adds ‘Draft Day’ to his list of sports gems

Big egos, powerful players and potential for disaster keep you guessing

"Draft Day" begins with Kevin Costner's serious character, Sonny Weaver Jr., facing the current biggest dilemma in his life.

OPENING IN FILM: Kevin Costner tackles the NFL

‘Draft Day’ focuses on GM rebuilding Cleveland Browns. Also up is he scary ‘Oculus’ and two 2′s, sequels to ‘Rio’ and ‘The Raid.’

Add football to the list of sports that Kevin Costner has tackled on the big screen.

The adventure of lemurs, way bigger than life

(REVIEW) In IMAX film ‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar,’ the stars fight for their very lives

It may be the greatest and most successful big screen matchmaking scene ever.

OPENING IN FILM: Marvel heroes, marvelous creatures

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” at the malls, “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar” at MOST’s IMAX

It's time for a Marvel Comic hero to come to life on the big screen and save us all again.

In ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ characters abound

Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori make funny as odd partners

Once upon a time there was a majestic hotel steeped in European tradition ...

OPENING IN FILM: Funky hotel, fighting drugs, lots of water

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ ‘Sabotage,’ ‘Noah’ will be odd, tense and epically wet

Quirky, violent and very, very wet.

‘Divergent’ factions add up to a complicated world

Chatty fans of the novel don’t help the atmosphere much

Your teen grows up to be smart, compassionate and brave.

OPENING IN FILM: Stay in your class, show some class, convince the class

‘Divergent,’ ‘Muppets Most Wanted,’ ‘God’s Not Dead’ feature drama, comedy and conviction

Talk about a class system.

‘The Single Moms Club’ goes from a tad sappy to a lot happy

Tyler Perry’s ensemble of strong women wins in the end

Tyler Perry's heart was in the right place when he wrote and directed "The Single Moms Club."

FILM: Get ready for racy car stuff, funny moms bonding

‘Need for Speed’ barrels toward redemption; ‘The Single Moms Club’ aims for collaboration

In trailer world, the antics in "Need for Speed" include the moment when a fast car driven to the edge of a cliff is snagged by a helicopter.