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Xbox One Unveiled; Let the Console Wars Begin

Bad publicity for the Xbox wasn’t played up by the media.

Last Friday (Nov. 22), the console wars began in earnest as Microsoft’s Xbox One made its debut and, the company announced, sold 1 million units in less than 24 hours. So far, it sounds like the PlayStation 4’s launch a week earlier.

Gift Suggestions for the Technophile in Your Life

Tech Picks!

Some people say that the tech gadget as a Christmas present is dead, thanks to the many functions that smartphones provide. But I say that’s not true. I have plenty of tech devices on my list for Santa. So here, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are my picks for top tech gifts to give this holiday season.

PS4 Rollout Plagued by Blue Light of Death

The problem might be even worse than initially thought.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is off to a great start, with the company reporting that it sold 1 million units in the first 24 hours. But the launch has been marred by what’s being called the blue light of death.

Gaming Console Wars Are about to Begin

News of Black Friday deals are already starting to leak out.

The console wars will kick off Friday, Nov. 15, with the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4, a full week before Microsoft’s Xbox One on Nov. 22, and bean counters will be watching closely.

Melding of Video Game Music

Symphoria, Syracuse’s local orchestra, played music from video games paired with video of the games perfectly timed to the music and a light show.

Last Saturday night, I was among the people crowding into the Landmark Theatre for a unique experience pairing classical musicians from Symphoria with music from video games: Video Games Live.

Star Trek’s holodeck moves toward reality

Star Trek’s holodeck becomes a reality

A room that takes you anywhere, to the moon of a distant gas giant or early 19th century London. Sounds like something that could exist only in science fiction? Not if the folks behind Project Holodeck and Turbo Tuscany have anything to say about it.

Plenty of Game Releases Come This Month

All the latest video games…coming soon.

It’s getting close to Christmas, and there are many video games slated for release over the next month. Perhaps you know someone who would be happy to receive one of these games this holiday season.

Microsoft Clarifies XBox Restrictions

Confusion followed botched rollout

In preparation for the Nov. 22 release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has released a “Get the facts” section on its official Xbox website to clarify misconceptions about the console – probably caused by the company itself when it released the details of the One, then changed its mind because of public outcry against some of the restrictions.

Survey Gauges Smartphone Use

New York City leads other top urban areas

People who have smartphones are often tied to the device 24 hours a day. But Soasta Inc., a mobile device and cloud testing company, wanted to know how many owners picked up their phones immediately after waking up and what app they use first thing in the morning, and hired Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey in August.

Superheroes Make Mark in Gaming

Technology’s new exhibit

It’s no surprise that superheroes were big at this year’s New York Comic Con, which ended Sunday. Superheroes have been making their mark on the movie industry lately. The trend has reached video games, too, with a plethora of video game news coming out of New York Comic Con.