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New World Order for Badlands

Is there still a future for a DIY music venue in Syracuse?

Badlands, located at 1007 East Fayette Street in Syracuse is officially gone forever.

Badlands Bows Out

For people to come make and listen to music

On any given Saturday night, Syracuse twenty somethings file into what looks like an abandoned store front on the ground floor of an old, red brick apartment building on East Fayette street. Through the blacked out windows is one of the best kept secrets Syracuse has to offer: Badlands DIY Space.

Bright Future for Next-Gen Consoles

(Apps & Games) What can I play on your console?

To gamers, E3 is Christmas, and no one really knows if Mom and Dad reads your list until the day finally arrives. E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the annual gathering of gaming industry professionals. For us plebeians, each conference is livestreamed on Youtube. The big three names in gaming: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo each hold their biggest conferences of the year at E3.