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The Tech RoundUp

This week in tech.

Real Life Jetsons Still dreaming of the days when you will never have to change your clothes? (Urg! Why?) According to the wearable tech industry is set to explode 1,000% over the next 2 years! The forecast includes light up clothing for when no one looks at you in the night club, Google contact lenses so you can freak people out with your “knowledge” like a Bond super-villain, man bras that cost an arm and a leg and calculate how fast your heart is beating (right?), jackets with GPSs that zap you if you make a wrong turn and tell everyone which dumpster your jacket is in after you’ve been kidnapped, and printed make-up for when going to the store or ordering it online is just out of the question.

Modern Family

The profound effect of technology on human relationships.

When I was a kid, “smart phones” were only in bad Mad Libs jokes, asking a girl on a date was done either in person or on a rotary dial while you stretched the cord into the bathroom and hoped no one was on the line upstairs, you actually sent and received handwritten snail mail on a regular basis from real people, and to find out what your friends did over the weekend you had to actually have a conversation with them.

Tech Tidbits

A few pieces of tech news this week.

Tech Meets Taste

Tech Startups

Taking a look at how some tech organizations got to be so valuable.

It was called the “Dot-Com Bubble” and it ended with a “Dot-Com Crash.” Catching onto the rise of the internet in the mid to late 90’s, stock market investors were pouring money into anything “e- ” as if it were a sure-fire magic that turned every castle in the clouds into a money making Midas. Companies with names such as Amazon and eBay, Priceline, and grew enormously during the bubble and were able to find themselves after the burst. Others such as, eToys, WebVan, and Kozmo took billions of dollars of capital to the grave.

Tech Tidbits: UFOs, CIA, Brazil and One More Thing

Here are a few things going on in tech

#Brazil In case you haven’t heard, the World Cup host country’s team lost by a shocking margin this week to Germany. What does this have to do with tech?

The Minority Report for Advertising and Tech

A few ways technology is shaping the ad industry

One hundred years ago, people got the word out by paying for a half page pressed by a lead printer larger than your house. Maybe they paid a clown to run around the streets and heckle someone into visiting your store. Or perhaps you hand painted a sign on the side of your building that said, elaborately “Shop here.”

Tech Round Up: Rotten Tomatoes and Facebook Taking Over the World

What’s happening in Tech?

Here’s what’s going on this week in tech.

Why Is Your Dinner Online?


What is more social than food? Besides conversation, not much. An invite to “hang out” is usually over coffee, lunch, “dinner and a movie” or some such nourishing or intoxicating event. Holidays are generally boiled down to “the real meaning” plus a disgruntled meal with estranged relatives. Hell, the Korean word for family is translated literally: “those who eat together.”

Tech Bits and Pieces

What’s new in Tech?

Hold the phone – here’s what’s up in tech.

Platypus TV: A New Social Way to Watch Your Show

Connecting TV viewers based on shows and interests

Everybody’s got a favorite show. Whether it’s Modern Family, Orange is the New Black, Family Guy, Idol, Sherlock, or Downton Abbey, there’s a show for everyone that can keep you coming back for more.