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Season’s Cretins

Starbucks may have had the right idea with its newest cup decor

It’s one thing to steal an ethnic expulsion strategy straight from the playbook of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. But now Donald Trump is forcing me to suspend my boycott of Starbucks. No wonder I feel like Crapuccino.

Senior Picnic at Taco Bell

Free A.M. Crunchwraps for all this Thursday!

As we move into the season of giving thanks, I’ve been searching for a way to thank all of you. Without loyal Syracuse New Times readers — there are dozens — I’d be just another anonymous gentleman trudging in and out of Adult World three times a week.

Handled with Scares

Confusion erupts during Fright Nights at the New York State Fair grounds

I’m a glass-half-full guy. I admire and trust our civic leaders. For the most part, I believe that our community is headed in the right direction.

Bland Ambition: Pataki for Prez

Former New York governor George Pataki is in over his head by trying to win the GOP nod

To look at George Pataki’s poll numbers, mired between zero and 1 percent, it’s hard to imagine the former New York governor stealing the Republican presidential nomination. Until you walk the streets of Syracuse and encounter ... Pataki Fever?

A Lyrical Oktoberfest

Syracuse finally receives its own Oktoberfest melodies

We’re squarely in the middle of Oktoberfest (Sept 19-24), and I know what you’re thinking: Why are there no clever parodies of popular Oktoberfest drinking songs that celebrate Central New York?

Apoplectic About Apostrophes

A lesson in the proper usage of apostrophes was long overdue in Syracuse

As a region, we struggle with punctuation, apostrophes in particular. Our latest embarrassment: On opening night of the Syracuse University football season, the turf at the Carrier Dome was inscribed with the phrase, “Ernie Davis Legend’s Field." Apostrophe need not apply.

Just Innocent Fooling Around

A cheating website caught the intrigue of local columnist Jeff Kramer

A few months ago, I received a tip about a secret cheating site called Ashley Radisson. “You gotta check this out, Kramer,” the source said. “It’s shocking what some of these Radisson residents will do when no one’s looking.”

From Hair to Obscurity

Jeff Kramer Follicle Night at NBT Bank Stadium didn’t exactly go off without a hitch

I felt naked out there. Everything the Syracuse Chiefs’ pitching staff had taught me the week before was instantly forgotten when the big moment arrived.

A Poetic Pitch for Bad Hair Days

Channeling his inner poet, Kramer pleads for support of Jeff Kramer Follicle Night at NBT Stadium

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for Jeff Kramer August Five. He’d be throwing out the first pitch, with few follicles still alive. The Syracuse Chiefs OK’ed this lark, because its GM knew That while the cause was dubious, he was a sufferer, too.

Jailhouse Jills Seek Gents for TLC, Too

Lady inmates look to receive equal compassion

No, I didn’t forget all those beautiful prison ladies.