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Filming for a Cause: Blue Chips and Hoosiers Screening at The Palace

Proceeds will benefit the City of Syracuse youth basketball league

Central New York fans from around the globe may be disappointed by the recent developments regarding Syracuse University men's basketball. Although Syracuse and Duke are not playing each other, The Palace Theatre will still be showing some hoops on the big screen.

Syracuse Taxi Cab Confessions

Christopher Malone gets in on a taxi ride through Syracuse

The last time I was in a taxi, which was in the latter part of last year, the cab didn't have a credit card machine. The ones in New York City do. This lack caused me to shake my head that Syracuse just isn't with the times. But that was one company. The cab last night actually had one. I still dished out a $20 bill when I got back to my brother’s house.

Where ‘The Action!’ Is

Two-time SAMMY Award recipients The Action!

The location of Bull and Bear Roadhouse in the borderline silent Carrier Circle area comes at both an advantage and a disadvantage. Where the downside is being away from everything in the bulk of Syracuse, its attempts to stand out as a wallflower in the scene. It's the wannabe hole-in-the-wall that reveals itself to be impeccably decent and proper, but fitting enough to hold intimate shows of bands and solo performers.

Getting the ‘Last Word’ at Modern Malt

Brunch at Modern Malt in Armory Square

It's been almost two months since my scoop on Modern Malt, which now (officially) joins the string of businesses along Clinton Street in Armory Square. As a diner junkie, it's only fair that I weigh in with my two cents. The food, atmosphere, and people of a diner makes or breaks a place.

Much Ado About an SU Game

A college basketball game has a certain appeal to it.

Ever since I was a child, I've always enjoyed the fun of going to an SU game. The fact we have this particular major university is a great thing. It's difficult to imagine what Syracuse would be like without the school bringing in people from out of town - the result is pretty obvious. We can't take the Pyramid approach and cross our fingers while we sip from a tumbler in a compound, hoping that the Canadians continually arrive to give Congel business. Nothing like those international benefits. This is a continual tug-o-war.

Living It Up in CNY (NYC Style)

Get out and do something

This past weekend was a perfect time to stay inside and keep warm. Valentine's Day came and went. Football is a thing of the past. It was a hot shower and lounge-in-robe kind of weekend, especially Sunday, after waking up and finding my way to the bathroom on my hands and knees to apply hot water to my eyelids, crusted shut by frozen tears, due, in part, to Syracuse's loss to Duke. But shy extroverts as myself need to get out and do something. I'm not talking about enjoying restaurants, because that's a given. I'm talking about stepping out a bit.

Syracuse Singles: Valentine’s Day Ideas

Single on Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas for you.

Valentine's Day is not for everyone. Even some couples refuse to celebrate. Every February, the hallmark holiday swings back around and single people are left to their own devices. I didn't want to leave the singles out, so here are some ideas for your Valentine's Day...

Under the Dome

A poem

It's good to get out, avoid cabin fever. Isn't it? Cue the music: The Birth and Death of the Day.

10 Syracuse-Area Valentine’s Day Ideas

A local hallmark: Valentine’s Day in CNY

The purpose of publishing a Valentine's Day post early is to serve as a reminder that a little bit of planning goes a long way (especially when considering reservations or tickets for special events.)

Table Talk: The Art of Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner varies with an interchanging cast of characters

It was in the later part of the evening when Christina stated that she wanted to raise her family in a neighborhood like "This One," referring to the neighborhood where the seven of us were having dessert. "This One" is the suburban, borderline boonies neck of the woods of southern Onondaga county where our families have referred to as "home" for the past 30 years.