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Beating the Mid-Winter Blues at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

A mid-winter’s night at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

If it were us kids, while growing up, my parents would ask if we were brought up in a barn when the door was left open.

Throw Back at Modern Malt

Modern Malt wants to fill a niche that Downtown Syracuse could use.

Downtown Syracuse has witnessed many changes - especially in the last few months.

A Dozen Faces, Thousands of Personalities

Don’t Feed the Actors (DFtA), Central New York’s longest running improv troupe, creating fun is the name of the game.

Trying something new is all fun and games until this new hobby becomes a passion, but the fun and games never end. For Don't Feed the Actors (DFtA), Central New York's longest running improv troupe, creating fun is the name of the game, and the fun is a month-to-month party in The Central New York Playhouse.

Selfless Resolutions

Raising awareness and funds to combat cancer

In the later part of 2014, a scary health fact swept news channels, internet.

The Hotel Syracuse: A Beating Heart

Syracuse will have another reason to raise its hand and wave it high.

In order to keep Syracuse on the map and to have it shine, a little bit more has to be done to polish it up.

2014: Mash Up – A Year in Review

(Inevitable Coffee Ring) Looking back at 2014

The Inevitable Coffee Ring is a bi-weekly blog (Tuesdays and Thursdays) exploring life and lifestyle in Central New York, exclusively on

Santa Swings by Barnes-Hiscock Mansion

Saturday, December 20, Santa will be spending the day at the historic Barnes-Hiscock Mansion in Syracuse.

Santa Claus. Yeah, we know him. He makes an annual appearance in stores and malls around world, and it's a rare occasion that he gets to stay in one place for an extended period of time.

Into the Woods at Beaver Lake and Baltimore Woods

Mother Nature is clearly one of the most original creative minds.

This article was started in a mound of snow, in the middle of a weekend of snowshoeing at Beaver Lake Nature Center in Baldwinsville and Baltimore Woods in Marcellus. As Henry David Thoreau suggests: "Write while the heat is in you." There was no distraction around me. Ten minutes prior, two white-tailed deer gracefully hopped and weaved around trees. At that moment, I was in a masterpiece. Mother Nature is clearly one of the most original creative minds.

Dinner at Syracuse’s China Cafe

Not in the mood to be ‘That Guy.’

It's 8:30 PM, and my stomach is growling so intensely that I'm shaking. It's a frigid December day, and I am dressed inappropriately, without a coat. At least I have a scarf.

Everson: Combining ‘Every Season’

Everson Museum’s ‘Festival of Trees’ through Dec. 14

In the early 1960's, the internationally renowned architect, I.M. Pei (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library in Boston, Grand Louvre in Paris), began designs for an art museum to be located in Syracuse, New York (of all places). A big name for a small museum -- this is what matters. The Everson Museum of Art, in my opinion, could be one of the most underutilized places by the community in Central New York.