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UFO 1966: The Corning Boomerang UFO

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares the 1966 account of a teenager, his dog and their Boomerang UFO sighting.

It was Wednesday June 15, 1966 in Corning, NY, when 14-year-old Anthony had his experience with a Boomerang UFO.

UFO 2010: The Deansboro White Orbs

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares the story of summer evening, grilling and three White Orbs

A sunny summer’s day, meat sizzling on the grill and above... three white orb UFOs.

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Columnist Cheryl Costa examines the impending transgender tsunami of college-bound students

“Is your college or university ready for the transgender wave of students?” I asked this question to a group of about 40 college employees, support persons and students at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, held June 4 to 6. The answer I received was a resounding “No!”

UFO 2003: The Chenango Bridge Hovering Lights

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares the story of a family’s encounter with hovering lights near Chenango Bridge.

Who would have guessed a family outing would yield a hovering lights event?

UFO 2015: My Orange Fireball Experience

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares a recent personal UFO sighting involving an orange fireball

The last thing I expected on this trip was an orange fireball sighting.

UFO 2001: The Boomerang-Shaped Craft

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares the tale of two UFO sightings and one boomerang-shaped Craft.

Here’s a unique dual sighting of a boomerang-shaped craft.

Religious Freedom and the Conflict of Interest

Cheryl Costa explores issues of religious freedom in terms of conflict of interest.

I suppose the hardest thing to grasp in this whole religious freedom argument is the notion that you are a citizen first, beholden to the laws of your constitutional country, your spiritual beliefs and practices are personally yours.

UFO 1989: Saucer Craft Over Syracuse

Who knew a midnight dog walk would result in a sighting of a Saucer Craft.

Late October 1989, the weather was seasonal for Syracuse; in other words it was cold and windy. It was a little after midnight, Mark’s dog Ranger wanted a short walk before bedding down. Mark decided to have one last smoke before bed as well. As man and dog leisurely had their midnight stroll, under a clear sky, as Mark was puffing on his cigarette, he became aware of a sound that was increasing in volume.

1993- Huge UFO at West Point Academy

On and otherwise dull patrol night, three military police see a UFO the size of a six story building.

Grant tells us that it’s taken him 15 years to work up the nerve to share his UFO account.  It was about 2am on an August 10th 1993. Grant, a military policeman, was on duty with two other M.P.s at West Point Military Academy. Grant is quick to say that M.P. duty at West Point is actually rather dull, “…as nothing much ever really happened.”

2000 UFO – Huge Triangular Craft

Who knew that simply going to the dumpster would reveal a huge triangular craft?

When Jake was 15 he lived in a Catskill ski-resort area. Sporting a population of about a thousand persons, the little village of Jewett, in Greene County, New York is quite isolated, being surrounded by hundreds of acres of Catskill mountain forests. It was on an early January night in 2000, at about 9 p.m., when Jake was taking the garbage out to the house complex’s dumpsters. The area around the dumpsters was about 30-40 feet from the houses and was heavily lit with flood lights.