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Rectangle UFO over the Power Lines

A father and son observe a rectangular-shaped UFO

A father and son never expected to see a rectangle UFO over the power lines.

It’s Time to End the Truth Embargo on UFOS!

A call for hearings

Dear readers of New York Skies,

The Great River Triangle UFOs

The central southern shore of Long Island, NY

On the central southern shore of Long Island, NY is an interesting nexus of UFO sightings, which I like to refer to as the Great River Triangle.

The Spinning Boomerang UFO

A Catskills outing features a Spinning Boomerang UFO

Who knew a Catskills outing to enjoy the fall leaves would feature a Spinning Boomerang UFO.

A Family Observes Disk Shaped Object

A 1994 Sighting

It was just an ordinary evening when a Hudson Valley family witnessed a disk shaped object in the night.

The Cross in the Sky Phenomena

Occurrences of crosses in the sky

Throughout history there have been reported occurrences of crosses in the sky.

UFOs and Deep Water Lakes – What’s the Connection with New York?

Deep water lakes around the world have an unusual amount of UFO sightings

For years it has been noted by UFO experts that areas near many deep water lakes around the world have an unusual amount of UFO sightings. These deep water lakes seem to be a magnet to UFO’s. There are many reports that some UFO leave the sky and enter the water, therefore becoming Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs.  So what does this have to do with New York State?

UFOs in New York and North America – a 2014 Report

UFOs in New York and North America

A week doesn’t go by that someone steps up to me in a super market line or at my local diner haunt and asks:

The Glowing Blue Sphere UFO

“I thought someone had set off a firework”

As a level headed, well-educated man trained in the technical sciences, the last thing Edward ever expected to witness was a Glowing Blue Sphere UFO.

2000 UFO – The Adirondack Formation of Lights

It was a clear night sky at an Adirondacks camp at Long Lake

In the sparsely populated Adirondack north country of New York State, various campers and residents were treated to The Adirondack Formation of Lights.