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1993- Huge UFO at West Point Academy

On and otherwise dull patrol night, three military police see a UFO the size of a six story building.

Grant tells us that it’s taken him 15 years to work up the nerve to share his UFO account.  It was about 2am on an August 10th 1993. Grant, a military policeman, was on duty with two other M.P.s at West Point Military Academy. Grant is quick to say that M.P. duty at West Point is actually rather dull, “…as nothing much ever really happened.”

2000 UFO – Huge Triangular Craft

Who knew that simply going to the dumpster would reveal a huge triangular craft?

When Jake was 15 he lived in a Catskill ski-resort area. Sporting a population of about a thousand persons, the little village of Jewett, in Greene County, New York is quite isolated, being surrounded by hundreds of acres of Catskill mountain forests. It was on an early January night in 2000, at about 9 p.m., when Jake was taking the garbage out to the house complex’s dumpsters. The area around the dumpsters was about 30-40 feet from the houses and was heavily lit with flood lights.

1999 – Eight Bright Sphere UFOs

His first impression upon seeing the eight bright sphere UFOs was, “this is controlled flight.”

“The weather was seasonal on the evening of 16 November 1999,” Fred remarked rather casually.

1966 UFO: A Huge Green Orb UFO

Who knew that a family’s day trip would result in witnessing a huge green orb UFO.

Roger and his family lived in New York City, in the Bronx specifically. It was late June 1966, Roger, his wife, daughter 12 and two sons, ages eight and six, decided to get up before sun rise and hit the open road for a day trip to Pennsylvania. The family of six were traveling south on the Throgs Neck suspension bridge just prior to sunrise.

1975 UFO – June UFO Cluster

The summer of 1975 witnessed the June UFO Cluster.

“This sighting happened maybe two weeks after the Grand Island sighting … there were a lot of UFO sightings in the greater Buffalo area in 1975,” Ronald tells us. “I was up on the 2nd floor of my home on Keller Ave. and watching TV when I saw some lights flashing outside the window.”

1967 UFO: Sphere Shaped Craft

Who knew that a Sphere Shaped Craft would join the fun at a late season camping event?

Jeff was very hesitant to share his UFO story with us, “I supposed nobody would believe us…”

Finger Lakes District a UFO Hot Spot

Who knew that the Finger Lakes District would be a UFO Hot Spot

When I attended the International UFO Congress this past February, I was approached by a professor from an out of state university. As it turned out, he was doing a research study and needed information about the UFO sightings in New York State. I agreed to help him with his study. What the professor needed was UFO sighting counts for a handful of counties down state. So needless to say, the study required that I do county by county summations of UFO sightings.

1967 UFO – Syracuse Hovering Saucer Event

She was just opening her drapes and never expected to see a hovering saucer UFO.

It was October and it had been an unseasonably humid night. Deborah awoke in the early morning in her college dormitory room. As she woke up she was aware of the local milk truck making noise in the alley below. She had washed her hair the night before; with the high humidity her hair was still damp. She decided to open the window to get some fresh air moving in the dorm room. She drew back the curtains and opened the window wide.

2014 – A Formation of UFOs over CNY

Thomas stayed up to watch the 11 O’clock news; he never expected to witness a formation of UFOs instead.

It was early October 2014 in Mexico, NY. Thomas was getting ready to watch the 11 o’clock news before heading to bed. Suddenly the apartment he lives in began to shake with a rumbling sound. The sound was familiar to him; it was the sound of a military helicopter.

1954 – V Formation of UFOs

Who knew that on a lazy summer’s evening, a Long Island family would witness the V Formation of UFOs.

Harry and his parents lived in Oakdale, NY in the Great Neck river valley area. It was about twilight in mid-July 1954 and Harry’s dad was finishing some yard chores. Young Harry’s mom had just called him in the house to get ready for bed. He tells us that he’d only been inside for a few minutes when his father “burst” into the house yelling, "Everyone come outside quick you have to see this!”